When You Realize That We Are All Going to Die One Day


            So, the weirdest thing happened to me the other day as I was shopping for groceries in the nearest green market…. I was walking, you know, minding my own business and BAM! Out of the blue, a thought completely uninvited, reminded me and made me realize that some day I was bound to die!

I know, I know, we are confronted with death as an ordinary thing even from our earliest ages… I mean, parents or society try to hide it while you are still young, or to make it sound as natural as possible and less painful, but are we truly aware of this fact?

Elderly people are more aware of death being a part of life, of course, but do we stop to think how this “part of life” actually influences our psyche? I would say not!

So, for instance, ALL fears derive from the fear of death. Fear of heights, fear of spiders… you name it… All of these fears derive from the one, crucial fear connected to our non-eternal existence.

Even fears like “fear of not finding the most suitable life partner for you”. This is rooted in the need to find someone in order to reproduce, in order to leave a legacy from your DNA because, again, you are not going to live forever! This is ENTIRELY connected to our animal brain and animal instincts! Collecting goods, things, being materialistic, building fortresses around us in order to feel protected and at the same time powerful, will not change the fact that we are not immortal. Acting like a “shark” in this world, being greedy and gaining as much as you can, all that is also a by-product of the fear of death. What’s more, having everything won’t fill the void inside.

However, it is a positive thing that newest studies and new spiritual sciences, such as quantum physics, quantum mechanics and applied mathematics prove that we are energy! Energy never “dies”, thus validating even reincarnation. It’s amazing if you get into this more deeply!

What I mean is and what I’ve been trying to get to is that maybe it is time for us to get in touch with ourselves. Let us stop wasting our lives chasing one thing after another. Start being present, appreciate the things we already have in our lives and, of course, without stopping creating and moving in an upward direction. Meditation is an excellent practice which can help us start living mindfully and lovingly. Love yourself unconditionally and the world around you. Be in the here and now, all we have is THIS MOMENT. And for the past and future…. well…. we can’t change the past, and who’s to say what is about to come…. Live in the NOW, breathe deeply and feel the present moment with each one of your senses. Stop worrying, be happy and remember… all we are is STARDUST!