Trump retweets VIDEO of himself hitting Hillary Clinton in the back with a golf ball

Mr. Donald Trump has done it again! The latest of his retweets featured an edited video of him striking presidential campaign rival Hillary Clinton in the back with a golf ball. It seems the President still has trouble letting go of his old social media habits.

The animated GIF image was footage of Trump swinging a golf club spliced together with footage of Clinton tripping and falling while boarding a plane in 2011, edited in order to make it appear as though she was struck down with a golf ball.

The tweet immediately prompted a heated debate between critics who judged Trump for encouraging violence and supporters who defended him. All this comes less than two months after retired Gen. John Kelly became the White House chief of staff. Kelly has advised the President to allow him to vet the tweets first before posting them, which he sometimes accepted, but apparently not this time.

Both the White House and a spokesperson for Hillary Clinton declined to comment on the tweet.

However, many others definitely had something to say.

“You’re a child. Beneath the dignity of your office. Grow up. Be a man,” sounded the reply of actor James Morrison to Trump.

“The President of the United States just retweeted a video vignette that imagines him assaulting his political rival. The man is unfit,” said the former director of the independent Office of Government Ethics, Walter M. Shaub Jr. who resigned in July after a clash with the White House.

This retweet emerged as the President is preparing to go to New York for to meet with world leaders at the United Nations in order to close a deal to protect the “Dreamers”, undocumented immigrants who came to America as children and after a week during which Clinton reemerged by promoting her new book “What Happened” about the 2016 campaign. In her book, Clinton expressed her fierce criticism towards Trump and reignited the debate about her unanticipated loss.

Trump returned the favor by slamming her over her new book, tweeting Clinton “blames everybody (and every thing) but herself for her election loss.”

The rest of Trump’s retweet spree included an image depicting Trump’s reelection in every state in 2020, while another showed him hauling American companies that have outsourced manufacturing abroad. He concluded with a tweet declaring that “only true Americans can see that president Trump is making America great.”

Trump’s love of late night controversial tweets is not new to the world. In July, just before Independence Day, he tweeted an edited video that showed him slamming a man with a “CNN” sing on his head to the ground. He then proceeded to throw punches at the man and then walked away.

Nevertheless, Mr. Trump’s tweets didn’t end here. On Sunday morning he also tweeted about his call with the President of South Korea Moon Jae, with whom he talked about the continuing tension with North Korea due to its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing. Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Too bad!”, Trump tweeted, seemingly offering a new nickname for North Korea leader Kim Jong Un.