Top 8 Hottest Girls to Follow on Instagram in 2018

Social media has gained immense popularity all over the globe, what’s surprising is that a photo sharing application or platform has gained equal popularity, if you are confused what we are talking about then you should know that we are talking about Instagram. Men and women have managed to gather millions of follower simply by sharing their daily routine, pictures, and lifestyle over this great platform.

It is a great platform that helps in boosting popularity and is an ideal platform for making money online. No matter what people say it is kind of addictive and the magic of Instagram has started transforming the world around us. There are a number of celebrities online, but who you should follow. We have compiled the list of 10 hottest Instagram girls whom you should follow this year.

Gabby Westbrook
Madi Edwards
Jocelyn Chew
Charlie Austin
Elizabeth Sawatzky
Galinka Mirgaeva
Jessica Raemy
Sarah Stephens