The Scientific And Not So Scientific Ways Of Spotting If A Man Has A Big…


Man are obsessed about it, give it nicknames, treat it with respect and dignity like no one else in the lives… they compare it to their friends’ when they are young (and maybe sometimes when they are not so young), their symbol of masculinity, their pride and joy lies between their legs!

Women… women fancy it as well! J

Do you know that there are more than 500 contemporary terms for a guy’s one-eyed snake? And did you know that throughout history there were many which were hilariously funny?

ARBOR VITAE  for an example, which literally means the Tree of Life. This is technically true, however slightly boastful!

GIGGLESTICK as it is supposed to cause giggles during it’s use, nothing connected to its appearance (chillax guys).

LADYWARE which is pretty cool actually. As in silverware… except it’s especially constructed for the ladies!

SHAFT OF DELIGHT, also very humble of you guys J

STUFFED EEL SKIN which is not a very pleasant expression about a guy’s purple headed soldier, but it was used as a means to denote impotence.

So how to KNOW if a man has a big Italian salami?

The not so scientific way is to notice the size of a man’s NOSE, FEET and PALMS. If at least one of these three body parts are big, then expect at least an average-sized bald-headed slinger. If all of the three are big… BEWARE! There are however some scientific studies to back-up this common belief.

And the perfect way to know about the size of a guy’s meat-popsicle before taking the pants off is to classify his behavior. Is he an alpha male? Is he confident and boastful? If he is, his package is probably big. He behaves in this way as he feels self-confident due to the size of his ding-a-long!

This is so because males have always been taught that having a big anaconda is a “GOOD” thing and that ladies prefer it, when in fact, the truth is that ladies love 3 things: attention, compliments and trying hard to satisfy their needs. By analogy, if a person tries, he/she WILL succeed!

If he simply tries in every way to get to know a girl and what SHE likes as an INDIVIDUAL, she will be satisfied both physically and emotionally!