Survey Unveils the Top 10 Jobs Where Women Are Most Likely To Cheat

Cheating is becoming more and more common in our society. And it’s not only men that do it. According to a recent research survey, 40 % of women will cheat on a partner at least once in their lives. The survey also determined the reason why women cheat and the results were far more shocking than anyone expected…

The first surprising thing the study showed was just how much women cheat at work. So, you shouldn’t be afraid of her personal trainer at the gym, or the cute neighbor after all. Over 65 % of the women who participated in the study said they cheated with a work colleague, while nearly all of them admitted it happened more than once. Having fun at the workplace just got a whole new meaning.

However, this doesn’t mean they didn’t feel remorse. Deep down, they knew it was morally wrong since 85% of the women who did cheat with a coworker said they “wouldn’t recommend it”. So, this survey suggests that perhaps cheating isn’t a part of your girl’s personality, but it has more to do with “what she does”. Therefore, if she has any of the following professions it’s possible she’s having an affair.


Female DJs are actually more likely to cheat at work than strippers. Who would have thought? I imagine this usually comes down to three things: the music atmosphere around you which always gets you in the mood; easy access to drugs, which further adds to the experience; and lastly, the constant tours which make it hard to get caught.


It looks like there’s some truth to Grey’s Anatomy’s love triangles after all. Doctors and nurses are constantly surrounded by death and difficult surgeries, patients that they use all the free time they can get to “unwind”.  So, “working late” isn’t always true.

The Finance Industry

When you think about this, there’s some logic behind it. Just take a look at the old billionaires and their hot model girlfriends. There’s no way they would be together unless the man was filthy rich. And at the center of this, all is the finance industry where you can gain a fortune every second of the day.

The Aviation Industry

Even though a sexy flight attendant waiting for you in the plane toilet sounds like a fantasy, it could happen. The biggest problem for cheaters is finding a secret place away from home, and anyone who works in the aviation industry would certainly have that covered.


This one’s obvious. Many businesswomen love mixing up business with pleasure. Thus, it’s highly likely they will get down to business when they’re on a business trip or a long-haul business class flight.


Painters, sculptors, writers or actors are typically tortured and free souls. You can’t expect them to connect with only one person. And you could say cheating just comes with the territory. But, on the plus side, this sparks their creativity and usually leads to brilliant work.


Work in the sporting world is ideal for cheating. The collision of hot bodies paired with stamina, sweat and always being out of the country is just the perfect recipe for cheating. It’ just too tempting!


That’s not to say that all women who take their clothes off and swing around a pole for money are instant bimbos. But, if your clothes are already off, and you’re feeling sexy, you might as well just give into it, right?


This may sound like an unlikely choice. I know those late nights stuck at work with take-out foods, trying hard to find legal loopholes hardly sound exciting. However, if you think about how lawyers are usually considered smooth operators, they could surely talk their way into anyone’s pants.

The Communication Industry

Last on our list is the communication industry or anyone who talks over the phone for a living. Half the time you hear some deep voice whispering affectionate words to you, spicing up the atmosphere, while the other half time someone is screaming senselessly to you.  So what better way to let off that steam than getting hot and heavy in the supply cupboard?

You have probably noticed certain obvious omissions from this list like adult film actresses. Well, it’s possible that none of the women in the survey had this job. Nevertheless, all in all, this is quite a comprehensive list. If you’ve realized that your girl or wife does one of these jobs, don’t freak out! Is she more likely to cheat if she has one of these professions? Well, yes. But, is this certain? Of course not. If you just treat her well and strive to be the best person you can, she’ll stay faithful.