Survey Discloses The 8 Jobs Where Men Would Probably Cheat

Infidelity is the worst. Nothing is more hurtful than being betrayed by someone you love. Unfortunately, cheating is already deeply embedded in our culture. But why does it occur so often? There are some who believe cheating is a combination of timing, circumstance, availability, and opportunity.  This is the perfect recipe of adultery which hardly anyone can resist.

Others argue that only specific personalities of people cheat or that you can predict the probability of cheating simply by calculating some factors. Even if you find it hard to believe, you can’t deny there are studies and surveys which have gathered statistics pointing to specific patterns in behavior and characteristics of men and women who cheat.

According to a recent male infidelity survey, 44 % of men cheated with a coworker, while 32 % had an affair with a friend. The survey also showed that men who cheated on partners with a work colleague were more drawn to certain professions than others.

It still isn’t clear whether it’s the job themselves that promote infidelity, or that men predisposed to cheat are more likely to choose these professions. As such, here are the top 8 jobs of unfaithful men.


This is the most obvious job on the list. Working late nights, surrounded by people who consume large amounts of alcohol is a dangerous combination. Add to that the need to flirt and act friendlier in order to get a better tip and it seems like you’re just inviting trouble. Customers will surely hit on you afterward. We’re not saying that a job as a bartender is a piece of cake, but it’s still constant partying in a way. So, it’s no wonder why many bartenders would cheat on their significant others.


This one also makes sense. These men often work out of their home, so it would be very easy to invite someone over to lunch break while their spouse is at the office.

I.T. workers

Seeing as we’re at the height of the internet era, it’s very easy to make connections with people you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. And who spends more time online than anyone? I.T. professionals. This is why they’re more susceptible to temptations. Long hours and mentally exhausting work can be a big burden for a person who’s not on a structured schedule. This can often cause stress and unhappiness, which in turn could lead to the first signs of infidelity.


Working with facts and figures every day can definitely be both tense and monotonous. Accountants realize their job may not be the most interesting in the world, so, it’s understandable they will be looking for excitement and ways to relax after work… In the arms of another.


This may sound like a surprising addition to the list, but when you think about it does make sense. Teachers are under a lot of stress, whether over an inspection of their class’ exams or targets. And who better to console them than a colleague? However, sometimes when the work proves too much, they might do a bit more than just lean on a shoulder of a co-worker.


People who work as salesmen are known for closing deals by using their intricate lying skills. They truly have a way with words, since they’re making things up on a daily basis. Therefore, they know completely well what to say and seduce someone. In addition, when they return home to their wives, they can come up with a perfect lie on the spot.


Male doctors have always had a reputation for having affairs with nurses or other healthcare workers. This doesn’t happen only in the medical TV shows. Since the practice of medicine is a tough emotional rollercoaster, doctors are constantly under pressure and may choose to de-stress in the on-call room, in the company of a female colleague.

Financial Industry

The more power a man is given, the higher the probability that he will cheat. This is usually due to three factors such as high income, extensive traveling and regular communication with attractive and highly desirable people in professional conditions. If you take into consideration all these factors, it’s not surprising that men in the financial industry occupy this list’s top spot. They’re extremely rich, driven by their supreme ego, lust for power, and constantly accompanied by attractive and professional people.

Are you surprised to see who cheats the most? There’s no denying that a partner’s job can speak volumes about his character. However, you should take these results with a grain of salt. This is just according to one survey, and there are other factors to consider too. So, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that your partner is definitely cheating on you if he has any of these jobs.