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“Surreal” Before and After Photos of Houston Underwater Are Going Viral

“The sight of this flood and the predictions of what is yet to fall…It’s beyond belief,” said Weather Channe’s senior editor Matthew Sitkowski who posted this photo of Houston’s East Loop on the I-610.

To emphasize the scale of the disaster at hand, this photo was added to compare the before and after of the same location from 2016 and in recent days.

Initial estimates by experts suggest that more than 600 billion gallons of water flooded into Houston in a single night, pushing several TV stations to evacuate their teams on Sunday morning.

To better understand the gravity of the situation, here are several before and after images of Houston.

Interstate 45 North at White Oak Drive Overpass

Interstate 610 at Brays Bayou

Durham Street Bridge

Buffalo Bayou in Houston

Even with the drastic rise of water levels and the hundreds of thousands of people displaced, still no official relief plan has been put forward by the authorities. Weather reports suggest massive rainfall in the upcoming days which will worsen the already catastrophic situation for the people of Houston, Texas.

The only word of advice so far has come from the National Weather Service in Houston advising people to avoid seeking shelter in their attics. Instead, the National Service advised the people of Houston to call 911 if they need help and head for the roofs to avoid the incoming water.