Study Shows The Shocking Reasons Why The Amish Rarely Get Cancer

An article recently published in the Cancer Causes and Control Journal revealed that a group of Amish people in Ohio has almost no cancer within their population. This practically makes them some of the healthiest people in America.

Researchers from Ohio State University initially wanted to conduct a study on the Amish population in order to see whether their lack of medical care would lead to higher rates of cancer. However, what they found shocked them. It was exactly the opposite: The Amish had almost no incidence of cancer.

Therefore, researchers decided to find out why by looking more closely at their lifestyle choices and diets.

Generally, the Amish are famous for their lack of drinking, smoking, and sexual promiscuity. But, this mostly conservative lifestyle may actually be the main contributor to their low-incidence of cancer.

In addition, the high amount of physical labor undertaken by the Amish might be another positive factor for their health. It makes sense when you think about it. Compared to the sedentary lifestyles of modern Americans, the Amish constantly work on farms and construction. This is how they keep in good shape.

Even though it’s not specifically examined in the study, we can also assume that the Amish diet contributes to their good health too. They grow and raise almost all their own food. They rely on time-tested, organic methods that help them attain healthy fruits, vegetables, milk and other untainted foods that the rest of America never gets. Since their food is rich in living enzymes, vitamins and nutrients, they enjoy improved health and well-being.

When you compare the life spent sitting in office buildings all day, eating processed and genetically-modified junk food, and taking prescription medications, with the Amish lifestyle, it becomes clear why they don’t get sick.

It’s really ironic that their secluded lifestyle is often the subject of ridicule. This Amish commitment to simple, agrarian lives is actually benefiting their health in ways most Americans can’t even imagine. So, maybe it’s high time we ask ourselves whose lifestyle deserves more ridicule?