Study Reveals Top 10 Professions Which Drive People To Be Suicidal

Every job comes with a dose of stress. On most occasions this is due to long working hours, high demands from clients, emotional trauma. While most of the time people are able to find a way to deal with this stress and overcome it, sometimes the jobs prove too much. Some individuals are unable to face the demanding challenges that come with their work and develop suicidal tendencies. In extreme cases, they may even end up taking their own lives.

But, which jobs can drive people to contemplate this horrific act? Well, according to a study, which is not weighted for demographic factors, these are the top 10 jobs where people are most likely to become suicidal.


A scientist works under an immense pressure to come up with new innovations and discoveries, as well as publish his/her findings. Furthermore, more often than not, scientists have to deal with the stressful fierce competition in the industry. And there’s no time for relaxing after work, as you bring your work at home too. The job literally drives you mad, so it’s no wonder it can lead you to become depressed and suicidal.

Police Officers

Is there anyone who didn’t dream of becoming a policeman as a child? Sure, on the surface, catching bad guys may sound heroic and rewarding, but underneath it’s very dangerous and stressful. You’ll be working long hours, surrounded by horrible accidents, deadly fires and unfathomable murders. You may get more than you bargained for, become suicidal and end your own life.

Stock Brokers

Everyone says the financial sector rakes in big profits. But, this doesn’t come without a risk. A career as a stockbroker, managing other people’s money, may seem like easy money, but it’s often accompanied with a lot of pressure. As you know, the stock market is very volatile. And there are many unforeseen economic factors that contribute to a dramatic drop in the price of stock within hours. This often ends up with investors losing a lot of money and stockbrokers sinking to depression and committing suicide.


There’s no doubt that this is a relatively well-paid career. However, you have to be ready to put your job in front of everything else and spend long hours preparing policies and representing companies. You might also push yourself too hard in order to defend a client, regardless of whether they’re innocent or not. This could make you feel like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and drive you to the end of the line.


Although it can be very profitable and fruitful, farming often incurs great losses due to bad weather, diseases or even sabotage. Farmers can also lose money due to unfavorable market prices. As a consequence, some of them become really depressed and develop suicidal thoughts on a regular basis.

Construction Managers

A construction site manager is supposed to ensure the construction project is going exactly according to plan. This is a very high-pressure job as you constantly have to deal with limited budgets, short deadlines and manage large teams. Therefore, it’s not surprising that you can easily fall into a pit of depression and commit suicide.


There are arguably a lot of stresses that come with living in the Hollywood limelight. It’s like your every move is put under scrutiny. From the way you look to the way you talk, to your last TV or movie performance. It all has to be perfect. So, in order to fit the ‘Hollywood profile’ you sort of develop a ‘fake’ persona and can’t tell what’s real and not anymore. This is why many actors and actresses can’t take the pressure and find consolation in drugs, alcohol, and suicide.


Many performers have often experienced some kind of emotional trauma before dedicating themselves to music. Since they’re already depressed, they need affirmation from their fans to feel good. Nevertheless, once they realize these people are strangers, they go back to experiencing another episode of depression and dissatisfaction. It’s a really vicious cycle. What’s more, they’re expected to always be on top of their game and please everyone. As such, some believe they can only find peace by leaving this world too early.


Although the image of a tortured writer may seem stereotypical, there’s no denying it’s true. Unfortunately, it seems creativity comes at a dark price since a lot of famous writers are believed to have had some sort of mental disorder. During their process of writing, they regularly experienced episodes of despair of hallucinations. Their pain drives them to create brilliant works of art, but also leads them to the ultimate act of self-destruction.


I can imagine just going through med school and residency is stressful enough. But, the pressure builds up a notch after you become a practicing surgeon. Apart from working long hours, there’s the risk you’ll lose the person you’re operating on. And if you aren’t capable of separating your emotions from the patient, you’ll likely become depressed and suicidal.

So, do you agree with this study? Of course, these aren’t the only professions that can make you suicidal. Also, it should be noted that while certain occupations reveal higher suicide tendencies, there are other factors at play too. In any case, suicide is never the answer. So, if you or someone you know is suicidal, due to pressure from work or elsewhere, don’t hesitate to call suicide prevention hotlines or ask someone else to hear you out.