How To Spot Fake People In 3 Simple Ways!


Here is the deal with fake people… they are EVERYWHERE! J Seriously, sincerity is a rare thing that we do own as a trait when we are children, but once we start to realize that we are being manipulated all the time, we start doing it too. Everyone does is, some more than the others, of course, and in some situations a white lie or a euphemism might soften the harsh truth. However, there are people who simply have no moral codex and have no conscience when it comes to being sincere. They are fake, they lie and they are manipulative AT ALL TIMES!

This is done due to a variety of reasons. Some are greedy and want to succeed in the business world, some are so dependent on other people’s opinions that the former feel the need to constantly leave a good impression and to wear a mask all the time; others are not secure enough and dislike their true self so much that they present themselves as a different person, and so on…. whatever the reason, here are the 3 BASIC RULES when it comes to communicating with other people and finding out if they are truthful or not!

1. They AGREE WITH YOU TOO MUCH! You know the thing I am talking about, right? People who kiss ass and try to make you like them…. You are talking about an issue and they agree with you on every single point or attitude you have on the subject. Here’s what to do in this type of situations. Start talking nonsense! Start talking about things that never happened, make up events or people and if you weren’t so sure before if they were fake, you are about to find out! They agree on this shit? Yup. They are totally, 100% fake and also spineless!

2. What does their BODY LANGUAGE say? Let’s be real now! We are not dealing with spies here! J Spies are, as we know, trained professionals in this field and they go through many psychological preparations in order to conceal even what their subconscious mind is thinking! Ordinary people, on the other hand, feel nervous when they lie and are being fake. Are they fidgeting all the time, are their palms sweaty (notice the handshake), are they avoiding eye contact? If they are, they are probably untrue or have hidden intentions!

3. The third rule is related to you and 3 things you should be mindful about when talking to someone. What do your INTUITION, your GUT FEELING and your INSTINCT tell you? You can even follow the movement of your body. If you are not directly turned towards someone’s face (meaning we feel more comfortable when turned slightly to the left or to the right, but not directly confronting our interlocutor), this is your INSTINCTIVE reaction to that person in particular. Our animal instincts and animal brain (which we aren’t even aware of, BTW) makes sure that we STAY ALIVE and thus protect us from the environment. So, when some negative or “threatening” information in the environment is in question, it is our primal instinct which is in charge of protecting us and ensuring our survival! What does your gut feeling tell you, do you feel comfortable when in presence of a certain person? FEEL what your intuition and gut are trying to tell you, and the answer you’ll get will ALWAYS be unmistakably true!