Something EXTRAORDINARY is Happening in the World, and NO ONE Seems To Be Noticing (YET)

Most of us have not quite realized that there is something extraordinarily wonderful happening in the world right now.

We get so caught up in the tasks of our daily life, coping with difficult workloads, challenging personal relationships, while feeling estranged and constantly worrying that we rarely take the time to really question our perspective of life and the world around us.

Things are happening too fast for me, we usually say. It’s hard for me to keep up. There is so much wrong with this world that I just can’t take it anymore. When is it all going to end?!

But are things that bad? Can you truly trust your perspective, or perhaps there is another perspective, a better perspective? One that says the world is actually showing signs of positive change.

To clear up your perspective and broaden your horizons, we present you only five of the many ways our world IS getting better. You might not have taken the time by now to properly observe these things, but once you read about them, you will surely see things much different.

Thanks to the Internet now there is a global community of informed people

We are finally realizing what the Internet is for.

No one can deny that the internet is a spectacular tool, and it is in recent times that we are realizing what tremendous power it has. The internet breaks down barriers, shortens distances, improves communication and ends borders. It is the means by which the world is looking towards a collaborative environment instead of continuing with historical selfishness.

It has been the maker of revolutions (Example: the Arab Spring). If you need help, just post it on social media and people you may never have met could come to your aid. We have access to information that the mass media conceals, which has made us hungrier for truthful information, not those that a few want us to see. The anonymous becomes known. Anybody can learn anything, no one needs to be ignorant anymore.

The world becomes more connected and the people in it, more united!

New decentralized economic model is taking the place of consumerism

For years now, society has dictated that, to have a certain status, we have to access goods that, being objective, we do not really need. If you do not buy this or that brand, you will be “out of tune”, you will be a social outlaw.

Every year there are products that we do not need, but which the marketing has been able to sell through the manipulation of the minds and the spirit of the people. A growing disillusionment, however, has supported the emergence of the sharing economy exemplified by companies like Uber and Airbnb. Such decentralized economic model has enabled us to earn money, rent out our cars or homes, hitch rides with other people and exchange clothes instead of throwing them away or buying new ones.

Slowly, because of the abuse of the big brands and the desire to see our neighbors grow, people are more inclined to buy the local. Driven by urban chaos, more and more people travel by foot, bicycle or public transport. We value ourselves more for what we are than for what we have.

A better work model is stepping into the scene

People have had enough with the current work model and modern technology is offering them an effective way out.

When the business project focuses on making money, it is bound to fail. The general workforce is overworked and overstressed. Many of us don’t see the real value in the work we’re doing or feel undervalued in our roles. We leave in the forgetfulness the humanization of the worker, we see him more as a tool, instead of a human being.

The brave ones are quitting their jobs to make a fresh start on their own. The sharing economy that makes working space available with Wi-Fi access is now creating opportunities for us to set up our own office without actually owning one. Online platforms like Freelancer and Upwork provide growing opportunities for people to work remotely and many companies are now allowing their personnel to work several days of the week from their homes.

You have access to healthy food once again

The entire craziness with GMO foods is about to end. According to the Organic Trade Association, the organic food sales in the United States are rising by double figures per year, far surpassing the growth rate of the overall food market. Countries in Europe are also registering a double-digit growth in their organic food market. Farmers markets are gaining popularity again and citizens are gathering there to buy real food from the local farmers.

Increasing awareness of what goes into the food has led to significant consumer pressure that has contributed in fast food companies such as McDonalds lose their market share. But, don’t worry. Fast food is still available, now with startups searching for ways to provide consumers with healthy fast food!

You don’t have to be manipulated by mainstream news media any longer

Alternative news media is now providing us with news the people can really trust. More people interested in learning what’s really going on in the world, are shifting from mainstream news media to alternative news sources. Internet users, suspicious of government sponsored news reports are now reading independent websites where more and more journalists write reports on issues you won’t find on mainstream media. Thanks to this trend a new wave of investigative journalism has emerged that exposes the truth and publishes it, not its edited versions.

Final thoughts

What these actions provoke is to break paradigms, as old as humanity itself. We have lived under the rules established by a group of people focused on having control of society, because the less we know, the more submissive we are.

However, these new patterns of behavior are emerging and changing the way of life.

Let us pay close attention to the fact that sooner or later it will be inevitable to move towards them and, in the end, to a better world.