What You See First on This Picture Reveals Your Biggest Fear

All human beings have their fears which can all be rooted to the fear of death. Some of our fears are connected to insects, some are to ghosts, some are rational and others are totally irrational – which are called phobias. Whatever the case, you can trace your deepest fears simply by looking at this picture?

What is it that you see first?

  1. If you saw the KNIFE first, you may have a subconscious fear of terminal illnesses! You may not be even aware of it, but you are subconsciously afraid of suffering and/or dying.
  2. If you saw the CATERPILLAR first, it means that your subconscious fear are ghosts, evil spirits or paranormal phenomena! You might also have a fear of falling asleep or may have the habit of turning behind you when walking alone in order to see if you truly are alone.
  3. If you saw the BUTTERFLY first it might suggest that you fear betrayal. Maybe this is due to some serious rejection in the past or you simply lack trust in the world and the people around you.
  4. If you saw the APPLE first, your primal fear is death. However, this does not imply to your own death but of your loved ones. This might be rooted back in the past if you have lost someone dear and thus made yourself overprotective towards the ones you love!

Whatever your fear is, just remember that fear is something everyone deals with and that there are simple techniques to overcome it and to prevent it from ruining your life!

The simplest one and the one requiring only a fragment of your time is repeating to yourself every day, for at least three times in from of the mirror “I am courageous and all I feel is unconditional love!”. It will make you laugh as it seems funny and awkward at first, but studies have proved and psychologists claim that it works miracles.

If you are insecure, you can simply start doing it by yourself and no one has to know about it. Do it for a month and you WILL notice the positive results!