The Science Of Simplicity: Why Billionaires Wear The SAME THING Every Day

Have you ever wondered how much time do we lose in choosing wardrobe while rampantly “digging” around our closet? How many times have you missed a job or a meeting because “you did not have anything to wear”?

The truth is that one fashion combination will not improve or spoil your day, let alone change the world!

All successful people always wear the same clothes and when you hear why, you will do the same. Although we live in a society obsessed with fashion, it seems that there are people who are actually practicing the idea of wearing 10-15 basic pieces of clothing, always and permanently.

Some reasons are intriguing, others will seem silly. But for people who make day-to-day decisions, reducing their number on a daily basis, even if they were (seemingly) insignificant, such as picking clothes in the morning, leaving more mental space and helping better productivity during a working day. And here’s why it works:

  1. A narrow choice means better decisions

The fatigue caused by decision-making significantly affects their quality, especially if the process lasts for a long time. For people who make decisions every day, removing at least one, such as the choice of clothes in the morning, leaves them with a huge mental space for better productivity throughout the day. This is the basis of Obama’s or Zuckerberg’s skirmish fashion options. “I wear only gray and blue suits, I try to limit my choice when it comes to what I will wear or eat, because I have many other decisions I have to make,” says Mr. Zuckerberg, while a limited number of decisions in the morning leads to better decisions in during the day.

  1. They lose less time

We do not even know how many things require time until we remove them from our routine. And those who decide to remove an activity such as choosing what to wear, have more time to mentally prepare for a new working day. This way, preparing for work becomes faster and more efficient.

In 2011, the author of an article at first experimented with Project 333 – a personal challenge during which he wore only 33 pieces of clothes for a period of three months. The project is simple and very useful. Soon he discovered one of the biggest advantages of dressing restrictions – time. Preparing in the morning was easier, faster and far more efficient.

  1. Less stress

If you just think about how often we think if a dress is too short, whether you’ve been wearing this suit or shirt for the week, does this shirt match with that skirt, you will realize that wearing clothes is stressful. And your mornings should definitely not start with a stress.

Matilda Kahl, an artistic director from New York, points out that having too much choice and a shortage of time to prepare are the main reasons why she wears the same dress every day. But there is one more thing: less stress, especially during the day because of the decisions it would take in the morning. “Is this too formal? Is it too short? I would almost always choose something for which I would regret it as soon as I get into the carriage,” admits Matilda. But now her trademark, silk blouse, and black pants, is one source of less anxiety during the day.

  1. Less energy consumption

Christopher Nolan has made several films that have been both financially successful and critical of critics. According to New York Times, long ago he decided not to waste energy by thinking about what he would wear during the day. Christopher even accurately describes the dissipation of energy. Not only do big wardrobes involve more decisions, but better maintenance, organization and more effort. Perhaps clothing on the basis of “a thing for every occasion” does not imply less laundry, but at least washing and storage is easier.

  1. Less cost

Our wardrobes are full of clothes, and in reality, we haven’t wear certain things more than once. Some pieces of clothes we did not even put on not even once. And people sure spend a lot of money on buying clothes. With the minimalist approach, which supports the idea of ​​wearing simple or always the same things, the combination is simple on the one hand, and on the other, there is not much need for spending money on the wardrobe.

  1. More peace

If you do not think about whether you are in the trend, is it time to buy some piece of clothing because you have not been there for a long time, you are actually no more a “slave” to what does not even fulfill you. So, it’s easier and better to focus on things, thoughts and projects that are really important to you and the accomplishment of which would truly fulfill you with a sense of satisfaction.

Drew Barrymore wrote an article for Refinery 29 in which she highlighted a new stage in her life and a relationship with her clothes. Drew took a “diet” of limiting shopping and carefully choosing. After a few months, her closet was finally brought into line. Dressing is no longer a battle and her sense of fashion is much calmer.

People seek freedom and salvation. They look for new solutions. It’s no coincidence that the wardrobe “for every occasion” is rising again.