Science Confirms It! Intelligent People Are Messy, Use Bad Language And Go To Bed Late!

According to recent studies intelligent people are more likely to swear, to go to bed at “unreasonable” hours and to be messy!

This is so because of many reasons. First of all, they are reluctant to conform to traditions and rules. Second, they are out of the box thinkers and use their alone time and the tranquility of the night in order to express their creativity in whatever field. And third, they simply couldn’t care less of what society, their neighbors, their peers and other people in general think of them!

  1. Pardon Their French!

A common belief is that a rich vocabulary as well as intelligence are connected to politeness and fluency. However, the exact OPOSITE is the truth according to science!

The ability to generate swearing words is highly linked to a high IQ and of course, not giving a tiny rats ass of what others would say or think. A characteristic extremely intelligent people undoubtedly possess!

  1. The Night is Turned Into Day

A recent study carried out to a group of young Americans showed that people who were with a higher IQ tend to go to bed later than people with a lower IQ.

This is so because people who are more intelligent think more, so they are unable to go to sleep immediately after touching their pillows and if they have an awesome idea they WILL get up and try to at least write it down, if not implement it right away.

  1. Organized Chaos is Their Middle Name

A group of psychology scientists and researchers have found that a messy environment, especially a desk, promotes creative thinking and stimulates new ideas!

Also, a messy office for an example, is connected to breaking through conventional ways of thinking and attitudes, thus building the platform for creating new ones.