How To Recognize The Love of Your Life Using This Ancient Buddhist Method

According to Buddhist teachings, there’s a possibility that a long time ago, before the concept of ‘you’ didn’t even exist, you knew someone and chose them forever.

You set eyes on the one who makes time seem too short for saying all the things you want to say to each other.

The one whose soul touches you without laying a finger on your skin. The one who believes in you and makes you believe in yourself, even when you don’t. The one who tells you how important you are to them and to the world as well.

But, unfortunately, the world we live in today makes us doubt that such a love exists somewhere. It makes us think that love is a material form, and there’s nothing sublime about it.

Relationships nowadays are so full of cheating, lies, and deceit. Therefore, it’s not surprising that this modern world makes you feel like love is difficult to find and you are never going to get it.

However, you shouldn’t give up so easily! You have already chosen the one you’re supposed to be with. All the bad relationships you’ve been through are just a test to see if you deserve the one you’ve chosen.

But how will you recognize your one true love? Well, your soul will dance around this person anytime they’re near you. Your body will react in a very different way, and you will need their entire attention at all times.

Upon meeting your twin soul you will feel calm and collected. Everything around you will change the colors, shapes, sounds. It will be something you’ve never experienced before.

You will need this person as the air you breathe. You will never be able to get used to their absence as it will cause you unspeakable pain.

This is why it’s pointless to live a life without the one who you chose long before you were born. Without them, your life will be just a house of cards, ready to go down anytime, even by the lightest wind.

You will not be able to imagine your life without their hugs or that smile brighter than the dawn. You’ve been destined for eternity! Nothing makes sense anymore, yet, at the same time, you can’t find bigger sense than the love for this person.

Your mind will turn into the biggest torturer, while your heart will play the sweetest tunes. The proportions of this love are so great, that your soul will tremble merely at their sight. It will be the same way as the first time you met, even after 20 or 30 years have gone by.

Your twin soul’s presence will make you bloom, as you will constantly feel loved and appreciated, even if at times you can’t notice it.

The only thing you should remember is not to settle for anything less. You deserve the kind of love worth breathing and living for.

A love that would make the Earth seem like a place for just your two souls to blossom.

Don’t pay attention to people who tell you that time is running out. Let go of any notions that you are not good enough for him/her. In fact, try to let go of everything.

Have in mind that you made this deal a long time ago, and you will go through life side by side, living as one single being.