The Real Reason Why Native Americans Keep Long Hair… It’s Deeper Than You Knew

One of the first things we notice when we see someone for the first time is his/her hairstyle. This is why a trendy hairstyle has become an inherent part of today’s fashion. As such, people often groom it based on their personal preferences or other cultural and popular considerations. For instance, you may wear long hair because you believe it suits you best. In addition, the Native Americans also had long hair, but out of very different reasons. They believed that hair had special significance as there is power in uncut hair, and there’s an event from the Vietnam War which can actually prove this.

During the war, the US army was searching to recruit American Indians because of their strength and ability to move with agility across rugged terrain. They were looking for people with almost supernatural tracking abilities and found them in these indigenous American men. But, according to the story, after going through all the necessary conditions for joining, one of which was cutting their hair, the skills and talent they possessed completely vanished. In other words, they failed to perform on the field.

When asked about their failures, the recruits replied that they lost their ability to ‘sense’ the enemies because of their mandatory military haircut. They could no longer count on their sixth sense or read the subtle signs. Their intuition became totally unreliable.

Intrigued by this response, researchers decided to get to the bottom of this. They hired new men but told them to keep the long hair this time. After several tests, they paired up two American Indians with similar abilities and ordered one of them to cut his hair. They submitted them to the same tests and found that the one who got to keep his hair long got a better result every time. On the other hand, the man who was forced to get a military haircut failed each test in which he previously had high scores.

One of the tests looked like this: the recruit would be sleeping in the woods, while an armed ‘enemy’ approached him. The long-haired man would awaken out of his sleep with a strong sense of danger, getting away long before the enemy made any sounds. In another test, the long-haired man sensed the enemy was approaching and was going to perform a physical attack. However, thanks to his ‘sixth sense’, he stayed still, pretended to be asleep and surprisingly grabbed the attacker.

After having passed these tests, the man would then receive a military haircut and fail the tests he previously aced. Therefore, researchers suggested that all Native Americans be exempt from getting their haircut if they were to join the Army.

Hair is an extension of the nervous system and is correctly considered as exteriorized nerves, a type of feelers that enable vast amounts of information to be transmitted to the brain and limbic system. According to some studies, even facial hair in men provides a similar effect and can emit energy by the brain into one’s surroundings.

So, regardless of whether you believe long hair will increase your powers of perception, it’s true that evolution has honed our survival skills, making them seem somewhat supernatural. Thus, each part of the body has a certain critical task for survival and well-being of the body.