Real life Zombies: High On a New “street drug” Called Flakka, Truly Frightening

Introducing flakka – America’s terrifying new drug, which turns people into ‘zombies’! Wait, are we becoming the Walking Dead?

This drug, which is able to send users into a paranoid frenzy, acting like zombies, hiding from imaginary attackers and stripping naked as the day they were born, has hit Australia big time!

Commonly referred to as ‘gravel’ on the street and alpha-PVP by chemists, the hallucinogen which quickly became known as one of the scariest drugs in America is being synthesized in China and shipped in large amounts to Australia.

The effect it has on the body is quite extreme, from users wriggling on the ground and screeching, trying to have sex with a tree or running from unreal gunmen. Thus, in some instances, up to four police officers may be needed to restrain an individual who’s high on the drug.

The National Chief Scientist at Safe Work Laboratory, Tyren Edwards, told Daily Mail Australia that flakka was easier to obtain than methamphetamine in Australia.

“Methamphetamine is harder to get hold of than flakka in Australia, it’s definitely out there … (but) you can only judge it on the seizures of synthetics which are hardly ever reported.”

He further went on state that if a user takes as little as six grains of flakka he will enter a chemical state of oblivion, which may even lead to kidney failure or death. And what’s even scarier, the drug could be manufactured for just $0.75 a hit.

Forensic toxicologist Andrew Leibie in Adelaide has done tests on Australian workers to flakka which came out positive and has also found evidence of the drug turning up in post mortem examinations. He also says you could easily find it in places like Newcastle or Wollongong for about $15 a deal.

“The problem with alpha-PVP is that it’s a mix of a potent hallucinogen like LSD with a potent stimulant like ice. They are at the same time extremely aggressive and extremely frightened,” Mr. Leibie told Daily Mail Australia.

“So you will get people smashing through windows or running through traffic as they are hallucinating because they think the walls are possessed and they throw themselves off a balcony.”

According to Mr. Leibie, in China, it is sold over the internet which practically makes it really cheap since there are no middle men.

In addition, Flakka started appearing in Europe a couple of years ago, and in the US, particularly in Florida where millennials are dealing the drug.

This variation of the second-generation bath salts has hit the market in a whirl of compounds impossible to regulate, causing mayhem in many cities and towns.

Leibie reports that flakka can’t be detected in traditional blood or saliva drug tests, but the company he works for, Safe Work Laboratories, has recorded dozens of positive drug tests.

This is why large companies and multinationals are slowly starting to approach them to test the staff for flakka among other drug tests.

All in all, four out of five people in an Australian company test positive for flakka, but it’s not been generally tested for people, so it’s hard to say how much of it is being used.

Therefore, even though the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration placed a temporary ban on a-PVP and the Chinese government banned flakka, we’re still not sure if we should be worried about a potential ‘zombie outbreak’.