Pedophile Side of YouTube Exposed: Disturbing Videos With Over 12 Billion Views Are Tricking Children

The Internet is everywhere. It can be incredibly useful at one point, then incredibly frustrating at another. We all have access to it, from the youngest and most innocent to some of the most dangerous – pedophiles. That’s definitely not good!

As a matter of fact, recently popular comedian Daniel Tosh exposed a major pedophilic YouTube channel!

As it turns out, we’re very far from mastering Internet security. Children use the Internet more than ever, but unfortunately, so do pedophiles. The internet is frequently used by revolting individuals interested in child pornography, and with a number of websites emerging each moment, it can be a little difficult to control them.

The comedian warns that a new trend has led to the creation of several different websites which are used only for child pornography. The sites attract the youngest visitors, but upon further investigation, one sees they are anything but appropriate for children.

Maryland parents Mike and Heather Martin who are behind a controversial YouTube channel featuring videos of them playing pranks on their children have actually had two of their children taken away from them by child protective services.

There are many reports saying these parents abuse their children in several ways. On their YouTube channel called DaddyOFive, there’s a seriously controversial video of their children, which people claim might’ve been made purely for pedophiles.

This was first brought to attention when Vigilant Citizen made a shocking discovery about online videos published to sites like Facebook and YouTube, created solely for pedophilic taste. A kid would certainly not notice this. However, an adult would clearly see these situations are extremely inappropriate for children to be in. They serve only to satisfy the fetishes of child predators.

One video depicts graphic material such as Spiderman having sex with Elsa, a Disney character from the cartoon Frozen, while in another you can see Minnie Mouse cutting Mickey Mouse’s ear off…

According to Daniel Tosh, the children who perform on the YouTube channel Seven Super Girls are probably unaware of the way they’re being marketed. They may think they’re starring in fun and odd family videos, however, the reality is much crueler. They actually serve as a tool for the world pedophile population. There are over 3000 different videos posted on the channel which potentially looks like a porn site from the start.

At first glance, it looks like they’re doing normal little girl things, but they are specifically created to satisfy pedophile fantasies of the darker side of mankind. All girls are under 18 and have their own subchannels.

The first video named “Lucy’s Morning Routine”, with over 138 million views, shows a child licking a pile of whipped cream off of a pop-tart… The second video titled ‘Escaping From Your bed In The Morning’ depicts a little girl duct-taped to her bed… These are obviously used to feed perverted and sick pedophilic fantasies involving child bondage.

The girls portrayed in the sickening internet smorgasbord for freako’s were chosen after they submitted a video to a channel named SAKS, which sounds very much like SEX. If you click on the link in the video you will be able to see the official SAKS channel. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions…

Do you think ignorant parents made these innocent videos? In any case, the highly dangerous cyber-world of child pornography and sex trafficking should definitely be a concern for any parent who wants to upload viral videos of young girls. This is certainly not a sign of good parenting.

YouTube is flooded with channels like these and it looks like they have no intention of taking them down. It’s important to know that no matter what kind of child locks you put on your child’s computer, these videos will still be watchable. They are aimed towards children by using clever names and photos.

Therefore, it’s highly advisable to keep an eye on what your child is watching while scrolling through YouTube.