If You Notice Any Of These 18 Signs Your Soul May Be Ready To Transcend

The awakening process is exactly that, a process. It is something that inherently takes time, patience and the right circumstances. For some people, it will take more time and effort than for others.

In the process of awakening, the pace at which a person moves is of no importance. What matters is to grow and evolve at a pace you are comfortable with. Balance is the most important principle in every individual’s personal growth and development.

That being said, the whole transcending process can be quite challenging from time to time. Yet, many spiritual traditions and teachings put great emphasis on spiritual cleansing as a means to help the soul awaken.

Don’t spend too much time trying to figure out if you’re ready or not, just relax and let spontaneity guide you through the experience. As spiritual master Osho said: “The transcendence needs nothing but just a silent understanding.”

If lately, you are experiencing the following 17 things, then your soul is finally ready to transcend to a higher level of consciousness.

1. You start having lucid dreams more often.

During their dreams, people are most spiritually awake. If you start having lucid dreams, there is a great possibility the universe is trying to send you an important message. You need to discover yourself what this message is.

2. You meet a person at the right moment that teaches you something important.

When there is an important lesson to learn, a certain individual appears in your life to act as a “teacher.” Whether it is a friend or just a stranger, is of no importance at all. This “lesson” may arrive from a person, in the form of a movie, book, nature, public event, or so many others.

The faster you learn the lesson, the faster you will move to the next chapter of your life.

3. Your learning process occurs very fast.

You are catching on to things so quickly and you recognize this. The pace at which you’re learning is so fast, it almost appears unreal to you.

This is both a wonderful and overwhelming thing. If occasionally you notice that you are getting overwhelmed, take a break to replenish your energy.

4. You feel more connected to nature.

All people experience the feeling of being at home when they are in nature. The more awake you become, the more time you need to spend in nature. Spending time surrounded by beautiful landscapes and fresh air, has a strong harmonizing effect on everyone.

5. You begin to see truth everywhere around you.

Perhaps you are curious to discover more about yourself, or about the world in general. You start revealing your own truth in the books you read, movies you watch, and music you listen to.

A new perspective in your life enables you to notice things you had never considered before. You are now meeting people who are interested in the same things as you. Through introspection, research, reading, and asking questions, you are together moving closer to discovering the truth.

6. You notice many synchronicities.

Carl Gustav Jung derived the concept of synchronicity, to describe “meaningful coincidences.” You see more repeating numbers than you’ve ever had seen before and it seems incredibly peculiar.

This a sign that you are walking on the right path in your life. Just make sure you are always aware of what’s happening around you. As Jung said: “Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see it.”

7. You feel the urge to live your purpose.

You feel tired of continuously working and doing the minimum to get by. Now, you want to get out there and truly make a difference in the world.

Just keep moving in the direction of your potentials, passions, and goals, and don’t ever look back. Follow yourself, as you only know what’s best for you.

8. You have a strong desire to meet your soulmate.

You are longing to find the one person who can spend their life with you. Your desire is this person to be someone who was designed just for you.

This is not an arrogant request at all. You simply want the real thing. Your intent is experiencing pure love!

9. You easily manifest your thoughts and desires.

It’s normal if you notice that it gets easier for you to manifest your thoughts and desires. This means you’re vibrating on a higher frequency, and so the power you give your thoughts is much stronger.

Therefore, you are now able to get what you want in moderation and truly make things happen. Just be careful what you ask for, for where your attention is, your energy flows.

10. You feel much closer to animals.

During this period in your life, you realize suddenly that you have a certain affinity for animals. You tend to love them and they tend to love you.

Your adoration for animals makes you spend far more time with them than with people.

11. You’re experiencing moments of integration.

You are becoming a bit more content as a person in general. You feel as though you are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually whole. As a result, your confidence is higher and you feel stronger than ever before.

Cherish these moments and remember those activities that help you feel more integrated.

12. You yearn for meaning and purpose in your life.

You no longer have the time to waste on wandering about your purpose. Now, you just want to get out there and do something of benefit to others.

Know that no matter how small your influence may be on others, you have touched some of them in ways of tremendous importance.

13. Feeling comfortable is important for you.

You now take enough time to make sure you are comfortable in your life. You strive to maintain your well-being and love yourself for what you are. This is something truly important to you.

14. You are beginning to feel alone in the whole world.

It becomes difficult for you to find people who are similar to you and that makes you feel alone in the world. However, don’t give up and keep searching for people like you.

Know that somewhere out there is someone who is also looking for you.

15. You feel random bursts of intense energy.

You could be excited one moment and sluggish the next. It would do you good to embrace your emotions and be gentle with them.

Do something productive when you feel intense energy and take some rest whenever fatigue gets the best of you. It’s vital that you nurture yourself.

16. You experience heightened sensitivity and waves of emotions.

You’re becoming much more sensitive than usual. At times, sudden tides of emotions come out of nowhere. It is best to acknowledge these emotions and let them go.

Believe in yourself that you’re on the right track, no matter how difficult your circumstances may appear. Finding a person that will help you relax could ease the whole experience.

17. You’re developing a stronger intuition.

Your intuition becomes more intense than ever before. Your intensified intuition enables you to detect when someone is lying to you or if they have any bad intentions.

When a sudden situation requires you to make important decisions, you listen more to what your gut feeling is telling you.

18. You feel as if you know yourself better.

You are finally getting to know yourself a little better and this makes you feel wonderful. Doing yoga, meditation or a simple introspection could enable you to gain a better insight into who you truly are.