10-year-old ISIS Member Sends a WARNING VIDEO to Trump: “The War Will End in YOUR LAND!”

ISIS published an alarming video of what appears to be a child threatening Trump

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has posted a disturbing footage of what seems to be a young boy. The 10-year-old boy gave a message to U.S. President Donald Trump that the fight will “end in your lands.”

According to SITE Intelligence Group, the boy, called Yusuf, whose real identity remains unknown, emigrated to Syria in 2015 together with his mother.

In the video, the boy described the continuous airstrikes against ISIS and claims the fighting will move far to the West.

Calling President Trump “a puppet of the Jews“, this boy threatened: “Allah promised us victory, promised you defeat. This battle is not gonna end in Raqqa or Mosul. It’s gonna end in your lands.”

Yousef spoke in front of the camera in perfect English with an American accent. However, the boy appears to be reading a script. He mentions that his father is a U.S. soldier who fought in Iraq against the Mujahideen. Two years ago, the boy moved to Syria’s Raqqa with his parents.

Mirror UK says that the boy called Yousef is thought to be at the age of 10.  The footage has not yet received an official verification and is currently under the investigation of SITE Intelligence Group.

Mia Bloom, a Professor of Communication at Georgia State University gave a statement for The Beast, saying that “The use of children in this way is intended to show the conflict is multi-generational. That even the kids are radicalized.”

Professor Bloom also stated for The Beast that although this is the first time that ISIS has used an American boy in a propaganda footage, the Islamic State has used more than twenty children per month for their military operations on the battlefield.

ISIS has continuously used children to mutilate captured prisoners and carry out shocking suicide attacks. ISIS has also been known to use small children as human shields, and even females in ISIS who are mothers have used their own children as human shields.

Rita Katz, the director of Site Intelligence Group said on Twitter:  ‘For ISIS, children are powerful rhetorical devices until old enough to serve ultimate purpose: fight as soldiers.’ 

ISIS has persistently used western people in their propaganda videos aimed at the West. One of the most notorious cases was ISIS’ propagandist Mohammed Emwazi, also known by the name of Jihadi John, who performed several brutal executions all filmed in videos and sent as messages to the United States, the UK, and their allies.

“Any child used in that capacity in an ISIS video…is sick,” says Heather Nauert Wednesday, the State Department spokesman, adding that she cannot confirm if the child is American. “It’s depraved. It’s another example of how wrong and evil ISIS is.”