The Moon Has Over 250 Million Citizens, Claims A Former CIA Pilot

Recently, a former CIA pilot came forward with a shocking revelation that the Moon is actually a habitable place with over 250 million citizens.

The former CIA pilot, John Lear, is a quite famous name among conspiracy theorists. He claims everything we’ve ever heard about the Moon is a lie. He said he had discovered secret formations on the Moon and showed pictures which apparently prove these artificial structures exist.

Not long ago, amateur astronomers have captured something that appears like a holograph projection of the Moon’s surface.

Furthermore, there a number of conspiracy theorists who believe that these moon structures hide some kind of a science technology. In other words, this holographic technology might actually be the one that covers them up.

The first visits to the Moon were enabled probably thanks to the Tesla’s anti-gravity craft.

Lear says he can’t prove this since he’d be dead already. He can’t show a picture of the USS Enterprise up there. This is simply what makes sense if we take into consideration the technology gained after the US government invested billions or trillions of dollars into all of Tesla’s research.

In his video, you can have a look at some photos taken from an observatory in 1946. Supposedly, they show a big catastrophe that occurred north-west from the Endymion crater.

He then goes on to explain how the Moon was made inside of Jupiter 40 million years ago. During the last ice age, 15,000 years ago, the electromagnet trajectory was stuck in our planet’s orbit. It is then when he says the big cities, civilizations and Moon bases started to show up.

The CIA agent described the Moon’s citizens as humanoid aliens. Lear also said that the race of the Greys is among them too, but they live under the Moon’s surface and work in huge laboratories.

What’s even more bizarre, he said the Earth is actually a prison that serves as a place for punishments. According to him, there is a myriad of other planets like Earth.

John Lear’s ideas and claims are unbelievable, so it’s no wonder he’s a subject of constant jokes and ridicule among some people.

Nevertheless, the former CIA pilot also worked as a captain of the US air forces. He has flown more than 100 different planes and owns many certificates to prove his expertise.