Mom Dumps Her 1-year Old Baby, Returns 10 Years later And Discovers The Unthinkable

A parent is a person who brings up and cares for a child. This means you agree to take care of your child no matter what. If you’re unable to provide for them, there are ways of finding alternative accommodation. Under no excuse should you just abandon them and put their life in danger.

In a cruel twist of fate, this is what happened to a newborn baby, Liza Verbitskaya when her mother abandoned her. Even though this incident occurred more than 10 years ago in the Russian city Yaroslavl, it’s still embedded in the memory of its residents.

It all started one day when a neighbor heard a baby crying while he was walking down a suburban street.  The loud cry was coming from a nearby house. But, he quickly dismissed this and went on with his usual business.

Nevertheless, when this continued for several days, he started to worry and called the police. When the police team entered the home they were shocked to find a 1-year old baby lying on the cold and dirty floor. The house appeared to be empty and it seemed that whoever lived there had moved out and left the baby alone.


After further investigation, the small infant was identified as Liza Verbitskaya. However, there was no trace of her parents. Liza was immediately rushed to the hospital where she recovered over the course of several days.

The doctors examined her and found she had endured a broken hip and was exhausted and starving. Since all efforts to reach her parents proved useless, she was going to be put up for adoption in a local orphanage.

Luckily, here’s where the story took a turn for the better. At the same hospital, there was a woman named Inna Nika who was there to look after her sick son. One day, the caring mom heard a baby scream from another room and was immediately drawn to it. There she met Liza and quickly felt a maternal instinct towards the girl. She learned everything about her and started spending more and more time with her, bringing her clothes, toys, and food.

With time the little girl recovered her strength and was released from the hospital. The hospital staff then informed Inna that she had been brought to an orphanage. It was then that the woman realized she missed Liza terribly and sought out to find her. When she saw her again she instantly knew she wanted to adopt her, even though she was already a mother of two.

By the time the adoption was formalized, Liza was almost two. At first, the poor baby was easily frightened of noises, clearly traumatized by her rough start in life. However, Inna was determined to give this baby all the love and care it deserved ─ the worst was over.

Inna would eventually discover that Liza had walking difficulties. Hoping to awaken her senses and encourage her to be comfortable in her skin, Inna enrolled the girl in a dance school. And soon, with the love and care, she received from her mom, and the confidence gained at the dance school, Liza blossomed into a beautiful teenager.

This certainly wasn’t an easy path for her, what with her being dark-skinned and looking different from her siblings. She had to endure a lot of bullying from other children at school. Fortunately, her mother was always there to lift her spirits and give her unconditional support.

Today, 12-year old Liza is a teen model who has won several local beauty pageants. And soon after she became well known for her modeling career, her biological mother tried to get in touch with her but was denied contact. Liza has received the details about her real mother and it’s up to her to decide whether she wants to meet the woman who abandoned her and left her all alone.

This is a truly inspiring story of a heroic woman who welcomed an abandoned baby into her family. We should all aspire to be like Inna! If there were more people like her, the world would definitely be a better place!