Mainstream Media Normalizes Pedophilia with ‘Victoria Secret’-Style Fashion Show Featuring 5yo Girls

With the era of beauty pageants for young girls swiftly upon us, there’s an ominous sense of innocence lost. In fact, as each day passes, things are spiraling out of control. Parents enroll daughters in competitions, under the guise of giving them a confidence boost. This may seem like the perfect opportunity to make your child famous with all the media coverage, though underneath it has pedophilia tones. In fact, Hollywood and the media have taken upon themselves to normalize pedophilia and sexualization of children.

Recently, an event took place at a shopping mall in China which had girls as young as five, walk on the runway in Victoria’s Secret-style show. The show revealed shocking images of the girls wearing lingerie, costume wings and headpieces. Completely opposite to what these show should be about – just kids dressed in lovely outfits.  And this is just one of many disturbing events. Last month, Kim Kardashian sparked a lot of controversies when she posted photos of her new children’s line, which included a bikini and a lace clip.

This is, without question, a manifestation of a creeping agenda orchestrated by the pop culture to pass off pedophilia as normal and force the public to accept it. In fact, there have been constant attempts to do this, going as far as some magazines referring to it as an ‘alternate sexual preference’ and suggesting that we should learn how to embrace these differences since these individuals are just misunderstood.

It’s clear that supporters of this propaganda are trying to create a society where pedophilia is a normal behavior. Former child actors Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood have even stated that Hollywood is a den of pedophilia, where the powerful prey on the powerless like ‘vultures’. Furthermore, there’s been an op-ed in the New York Times declaring pedophilia is not a crime and portraying it as a neurological condition.

The article implies that people, who rape, exploit children or fantasize about doing this, are living with a condition which they can do nothing about. The idea is to feel compassion towards these individuals who prey on children and want to have sexual relations with them, as they are merely suffering from a disorder. However, pedophilia cannot be referred to as merely a condition. Rather than that, it’s a mental process involving inappropriate desires and attitudes towards prepubescent children.

Interestingly enough, Mark Thompson, the CEO of the New York Times has been linked to a pedophile scandal, covering up alleged child rapist Jimmy Saville who’s also been protected by other powerful magnates.

There’s no doubt that these events are nothing more than an agenda of the major media outlets which are trying to make us feel sympathy towards pedophiles by proclaiming they have a neurological condition. However, it should be pointed out that there is no neurological condition in which a person doesn’t have control over what he is doing and we can never justify a person who wants to rape our children.