Looks Like A Headless Body, But It’s Actually A REAL PERSON. Can You Even See It?

Prepare yourself to be completely stunned! What you’re about to see will make you rub your eyes to make sure you’re seeing what you’re seeing.

A makeup artist named Mirjana Kika Milosevic out of Serbia has uploaded a jaw-dropping video which is almost too incredible to even comprehend. The artist has turned her passion into a profession, creating masterpieces on her own skin with a little makeup and skill. You can check out more amazing videos of her makeup artistry on her YouTube channel. This is just one of them, and it will impress you!

This time, Milosevic created a true work of art. Using only makeup, this talented makeup artist came up with the most amazing optical illusion you’ll ever see!

Using only makeup, Milosevic creates the illusion that she is actually headless and her body is COMPLETELY HOLLOW!

The most impressive part is that Mirjana designs, draws, and paints her work of art on her own body. Looking into a mirror, Mirjana carefully creates her mind-bending makeup illusion. The whole procedure appears to require skills of a master as well as admirable patience.

First, we see as she starts to draw a black line on her neck. Although at first glance we cannot notice the effect, the truth is that this is how her magic begins.

As she begins constructing her body art, Mirjana starts outlining where her “missing head” and “hole in her neck will be.” Looking at Mirjana at this phase of the procedure, it’s difficult to even imagine how she can possibly accomplish her goal.

Slowly, as the shading of the makeup becomes darker and darker, a huge hole in her neck starts to appear right before your eyes.

Now that she has drawn the illusionary hole in her neck, it’s time to make her head “vanish.” Of course, behind Mirjana there’s a black backdrop, so the dark background supports the illusion.

Mirjana starts using thick black paint to start “erasing” her head. With every stroke, the illusion is becoming more and more visible. Mirjana even dramatically makes a worried expression on her face, as if she knows her head will no longer be attached to her body.

Image source: Newsflare

Finally, Mirjana has her bizarre makeup optical illusion finished. We could hardly wrap our heads around it.

Milosevic is obviously one of the most talented makeup artists out there. Her skills and creativity are absolutely unmatched and you will realize that when you watch this mind-blowing time-lapse video.

As she sits like that, headless with a giant hole into her hollow body, a hand comes into the frame to tickle her a bit on her neck. It’s so strange to watch it because the whole illusion looks so real!

While we see most of the optical effects in 2D images, the truth is that there is nothing more impressive than seeing the effect on a real person. We salute this woman for taking makeup artistry to a whole new level of expertise! Have you ever seen a more skilled makeup artist before?