Kidnapped Age 20 Girl Isn’t Raped and Killed Because of 1 Thing Her Mom Taught Her

Most people go through their everyday lives doing one mundane activity or another and these ordinary trivialities don’t seem to have that much of an influence on our lives or the world in general.

However, every once in a while, a moment appears that can define your entire existence. In fact, twenty-year-old Jordan Dinsmore from the University of South Carolina faced such a moment recently.

After finishing her shift at a local restaurant, she arrived at her apartment. As she was getting out of her car, two men appeared from a wooded area near her car and pulled a gun on her.

Naturally, she panicked and started screaming, while the man holding the gun told her to shut up or he would shoot her.

Since they couldn’t handle the car’s manual transmission, they forced her to drive them to a nearby ATM. After withdrawing $300, Dinsmore begged them to take her car and go, but they refused.

“Now you’re going to drive us somewhere else. And when we get there, you’re going to be raped, one of the men said.

Dinsmore’s mind immediately went racing and she thought about something her mom told her. As it turns out, her mother was almost a victim of sexual assault when she was in college and she fought off the man. In that moment she decided to be strong like her mother and get herself out of this.

Her mother, Beth Turner, had always told her to never allow someone to take her to a second location since that’s where all the bad things happen. In a really bizarre coincidence, Turner’s assault had occurred in a similar way to that of her daughter. A man crept up from behind her car, with the intention to attack her. She was able to escape only by kicking him violently.

Having her mother’s advice on her mind, Jordan didn’t buckle her seatbelt upon getting back into the car. She waited until she arrived at an intersection where three cars were approaching from different directions.

Then she put the car in neutral and threw herself from the car at 30 or 40 miles per hour. Unable to drive the car, the perpetrators fled, and a woman who spotted the girl running away called 911.

Upon calling her mother, she firstly convinced her that she was fine and then she told her tale.

“You know, as a parent, you tell your kids stuff all the time. You don’t know what they’re listening to you, don’t know what they’re paying attention to, and to hear that she was actually listening and that was what was with her in her head feels really good,” said Turner.

She had always urged her not to let somebody get her out of the public eye.

“I knew she was a tough, smart, bright girl… I didn’t know she had this in her, though,” Turner stated, smiling proudly and shaking her head. “I didn’t know she had this in her.”