Just Before He Died, David Bowie Revealed Big Secrets about Google, Illuminati, New Order… His Last Post Will Leave You Speechless!

David Bowie, one of the greatest rock musicians of the modern era, left more than a trove of hit rock songs when he passed away. It seems the singer and songwriter frequently contributed to the website bowie.com, and just weeks before he tragically died, he had posted an ominous warning. Bowie expressed his grave concerns over humanity being under the control of Google.

Bowie Believed That Humanity Will Be Enslaved By Google

In his post, Bowie wrote that Google has been infiltrated by the elite, describing the future as being under an oppressive authoritarian regime that would limit our basic freedom, a fascist dictatorship that would try to enslave humanity. He further went to say that Google and Illuminati are one and the same, dismissing any individuality that either may possess.

Another message that he posted earlier said that conventional wars, spies, intelligence agencies no longer mattered and everything revolved around Google and what it wanted people to think, know, find out and vice versa.

Bowie Initially Thought The Internet Was a Free Space, Beyond Regulations and Censoring

Bowie regularly wrote posts on the forum, updating fans on with what was going on in his life, shooting down rumors that were inaccurate and taking part in discussions about subjects that interested him. He always spoke his mind and finished his posts with the name ‘Sailor’.

As a man who was always ahead of the curve, Bowie embraced the Internet during the 1990s, believing it was a fresh and wide platform for creative and intellectual freedom. In 1998, he launched BowieNet, an internet service provider where he offered subscription-based dial-up access to the emerging online world. This came at a time when the Internet was in its early stages of inception and posed a bit of a mystery to multinational and major corporations. He was truly excited at the thought of cyberspace becoming free of censoring and regulations.

BowieNet Was Closed Down When the Darker Side of The Internet Emerged

At one point, Bowie even said had he been 19 years old, he would bypass music and choose the Internet. He clearly had an idea of the revolutionary era of digitization that was soon approaching. However, BowieNet closed down in 2006 when Bowie’s vision of the Internet became decidedly darker.

Almost two years after his death, Bowie’s final warning to humanity as well as his previous claims about the Internet have proved to be prophetic. Furthermore, his final album released just two days before his death is laced with symbolism and ominous clues. At the moment, Google is under fire for censoring the Internet, clamping down on free speech and trying to bring in a new world order.

Bowie believed that the Internet was beyond a simple tool and that the old and the new world merged with the Internet to become reality. He thought whoever had control over it, would gain control over the entire world.

Google Only Makes Content Suitable for Their Agenda

Google and the giants in social media have suppressed content from many news outlets that publish information that doesn’t suit their agenda. They have claimed this is done to ensure a harmonious society for everyone. But, Bowie argued that Google’s history is enough to prove that their attempts to create a liberal utopia are going to backfire.

He expressed his opinion on democracy, saying that taking away and suppressing information along with curbing of our freedom of expression will lead humanity towards fascist dystopia.

Sadly, now the starman is truly waiting in the sky. But, at least he left us a warning. Do you think he was right?