This Italian village is offering $2,175 in cash and $50 rents if you move there

Is your fast-moving life wearing you down? Are you tired of the rampant chaos in your city? Do you long for a more peaceful life, but don’t have the money to move? If you relate to all this, don’t worry, as there’s a solution for you.

Have you ever heard about Bormida? This is a remote little village, located on the hillside of Italy, which offers payment of $2175 and rent of only $50 a month, to anyone who decides to move there.  Sounds good, but there must be some catch, right? Well, as it turns out, the village’s population is declining, and this is an attempt of the mayor to increase it.

According to a local newspaper, Bormida’s population in 2014 has declined to 390 residents, when Daniele Galliano took office and became mayor. Concerned that the village would turn into a ghost town, Galliano decided to intervene to reverse its declining population.

Now, the village has a total of 394 residents. Even though the mayor’s actions seem to have met with little success when you take into consideration that 54 people died or moved away while only 4 were born ─ this is actually a success.

Instead of seeing a heavy demographic deficit, the situation is stable thanks to the initiatives of the municipal administration to encourage those who, by necessity or pleasure, wish to live in a small mountain community like ours,” Galliano told another local publication.

However, seeing as the population increased to only four people, the mayor decided to take more serious actions, hence lowering the price of rents from $130 to merely a $50 per month. But, according to the British newspaper Guardian, the details of this offer still haven’t been settled by the local council. But, if the proposal is approved, anyone who moves to the village will be given €2,000. Furthermore, you will probably save money with ease, as it will take a long time to spend all the money in the slow and peaceful Bormida.

The Cosmopolitan magazine writes that the village has one main street, four restaurants (typical for Italy) a post office which works 3 days a week and a bed and breakfast. Also, history lovers will be happy to learn that much of the architecture dates back to 1200s.

There is nothing much to do here,” according to Oddone Giuseppe, the manager of one of the restaurants. “But life is so simple and natural, we have forests, goats, the church, and plenty of good food. Life would definitely be free of stress.”

But, some people are still taking this news with a grain of salt. As such, one man wrote to Mr. Galliano that he would move to Bormida and even give up the money, only if the mayor could guarantee him a job.

So, what’s your take on this? Would you consider this offer and move to a remote village in Italy?