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Why did the Govt. Send Bacteria into the Stratosphere During the Solar Eclipse?

Did you witness the solar eclipse more than week ago? And were you aware that NASA sent high-altitude balloons holding bacteria into the sky around the country while the Moon covered the Sun? Allegedly, this was made as an effort to stream live aerial footage from the edge of space as well as to study how living organisms react to Mars’ atmosphere.

About two weeks ago the bacteria were mailed to students from high school and college across the US as part of a project led by Angela Des Jardins of Montana State University. Out of around 75 balloons, over 30 of them carried samples of an extremely resilient strain of bacteria called Paenibacillus xerothemodurans. Apparently, these aren’t dangerous to people or the environment since microorganisms are dried on the surface of two metal plates the size of a dog tag.

The plan was for one card to fly to the stratosphere, and another to remain on the ground as a control group. On the day of the eclipse, the balloons were launched every 15 minutes from the states which were on the path of the Moon’s shadow. They flew about two hours, eventually reaching the stratosphere and descending because of the pressure drop. Once they returned to the ground, the students were supposed to find them by tracking them on the GPS and send them back to NASA.

While on the surface it’s quite convenient that NASA’s actions were allegedly started by students working with Montana State University, the story doesn’t add up. Instead, it only arouses suspicion. Why did NASA claim that the Earth’s stratosphere during the eclipse was so similar to Mars? It’s true that colder temperatures and more solar radiation in the stratosphere are similar to Mars, and that the temperature would decrease further at the time of the eclipse, but the eclipse lasts so briefly that it doesn’t make sense all this would be about Mars.

In addition, the American government has been involved several times in spraying citizens with chemicals and bacteria without their consent. San Francisco was sprayed with bacteria during the 1950s and 1960s, which ended with a few deaths and many hospitalized. Another example is when the NY subway system was filled with bacteria and dumped on people without them knowing it. And recently, NASA sprayed the stratosphere with toxic metals like barium, literally performing a form of geoengineering as some experiment.

Some people believe there are powerful forces behind this, who are trying very hard to spray the skies with aluminum in order to modify the weather and establish a pattern for spraying anything on us. Thus, NASA and whoever is behind them wants to put bacteria in the stratosphere during the eclipse.

After the eclipse, many eyewitnesses uploaded videos and photos and noticed some very strange anomalies. If you think about how highly impossible is for the Moon and Sun to be exactly the same size in order to eclipse each other at certain nodal points each year, you’ll realize their divine function. As such, it’s possible to point out many examples where celestial bodies have influenced animals and other forms of life.

So, we can safely assume that NASA either believes or knows that eclipses have an effect on all organisms and they want to know how. Or perhaps they already do and they would never tell the public about it. But, if this means that tens of millions of citizens will be affected by the bacteria and maybe experience some sort of mutation, then it would be wise to pay more attention to the government’s interest in astrology.