A Goat With Anxiety Disorders Is Only Calm When She’s In Her Cute DUCK COSTUME!

At one time, an adorable blind goat named Polly was very difficult to handle. In addition to her neurological problems and severe exhaustion, the unfortunate animal was also very worried, if its mistress was not around. However, the alarm miraculously disappeared when the landlady once decided to joke to dress Polly … in a duck suit! “As soon as I dressed her in a duck suit, she suddenly calmed down,” Leanne Lauricella said.

Leanne founded a nursery and a shelter for domestic goats several years ago. The rescue center is called “Goats of Anarchy”, and what is happening there is worthy of respect and surprise.

Previously, Polly immediately began to desperately rush and sob, if she suddenly realized that her owner was not around. She also often showed behavior that was very much like an alarm. She could run for hours in circles, hysterical and nibbling corners.

“Polly just found a corner on the wall in the house and began to suck him furiously,” recalls Lauricella. “There are traces of her teeth in every corner of the house.”

So, the blind goat Polly, who suffered from depression in anticipation of adoption, received a very unusual therapy. In the carnival costume of a duck, she calms down and for a long time stands in trance quite happy. Thanks to the duck suit, her anxiety days are now in the past. “There is something in this wonderful suit that cunningly soothes it. She seems to enter into some sort of trance: she closes her eyes and relaxes,” says Polly, the landlady.

What, does it still sound to you like news from a madhouse? But the duck suit really works!

So next time when your superiors will be excitedly running on the ceiling, just try on the duck suit mentally and enjoy your inner peace.