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A German Man Just Broke A World Record By Carrying 29 BEER STEINS!!!

“The hero that all beer lovers need and deserve.”

The passion for beer in Germany has no limits. And one of the multiple ways to prove it is the participation at competitions of all kinds that revolve around this traditional drink.

Bavarian Oliver Strümpfel improved his own beer record. Before the sight of dozens of people at the Abenzburg Festival, the German transported 29 beer steins at a distance of 40 meters. Initially, he transferred 27 large beer steins to tens of meters. Then Oliver decided to increase the effort, that is, the beer and tried to carry 31 glasses across a distance of 40 meters.

The tent was full of beer lovers, past which Strümpfel had to walk up to a distance of 40 meters to reach the world record with beer kegs. For the first time, he succeeded with 27 jugs, while he tried another with 31 jugs, but one of them fell to the ground, and more than 10 percent of the beer fell from the other.

In 2014, Oliver Strümpfel delivered 25 beers at a distance of 40 meters at once. This year, he improves the record ahead of the largest beer festival – Oktoberfest, which starts in Munich on September 16 and will last until October 3.

The participants of the competition walk 40 meters, carrying steins full of 1 liter of beer and must not spill more than 10% of the beer. The total weight of the initial 31 steins was 70 kilograms (152 pounds).

To prepare for this “venture,” Strümpfel worked out three to four times a day in the gym from February up until now.

“When I think about it, it turns out that it takes about 200 hours of exercise for about 40 seconds of walking,” Strümpfel says.