The First Word You See Reveals Your Subconscious Personality

Would you like to learn what’s hidden in your subconscious mind?

All you have to do is look at a simple picture. The first word that comes to your mind will tell you a lot about yourself, including your subconscious personality traits. Are you dominating or lively? Or are you a creative, deep-thinker type of person? This simple test will reveal a lot about your true self. Keep reading to find out!

If you see the word LOVER…

… then you have a very lively personality:

If the first word you saw was “lover”, then you’re most likely very talkative and enjoy social situations. You are often considered the life of the party and love this attention. People are quite intrigued by you, as you have a way of luring them to want to know more about you. You’re a master at keeping people guessing, so no one would ever dare say you are predictable or boring.

If you see the word LOWER…

… then you have a subconscious dominating personality:

If you saw “lower” upon first looking at the picture, that means you’re a very dominating person. You probably dominate the conversation in every aspect. You are also very brave and always willing to take chances to make your relationship or career thrilling. Furthermore, when someone close to you is a bit nervous about doing something for the first time, they can always count on you to soothe their fears.

If you see the word LOSER…

… then you have a subconscious honest personality:

Seeing the word “loser” means you are a person who just cannot tell a lie. You never hesitate to go down the truthful route, regardless of how difficult it can be. This is why no one ever wonders where they stand with you. You would probably hate to have to remember all the lies you told anyway. Being honest comes naturally to you. You are what you are and people love you for it.

If you see the word LONER…

… then you have a subconscious deeply analytical personality:

If you saw “loner”, it means you are a deep thinker. You spend much of your time pondering and reflecting on the world. You analyze many of the situations and you love using your brain. In addition to being a deep thinker, you’re also very creative. You might be a painter, writer, musician or anything else that involves your creative side.