EVERYTHING IS RIGGED: From Education to Politics to Finance…We’re ALL Living In A Fabricated Fairy Tale!

What if everything we think we know is a LIE?!

The temptation to ask yourself whether the reality we live in may be a lie, is too strong to be simply ignored. In fact, we should always use our intellect and reasoning capabilities to examine thoroughly all things surrounding us. We can no longer accept everything blindly.

These lies can vary anywhere from our close ones telling us white lies so they wouldn’t hurt our feelings to all the world governments and the media lying to us about important issues, such as politics, education, health, and terrorism.

The main focus in our discussion here is the grand lies we’re being told on a daily basis. Such lies are causing irreparable damage to many people and we shouldn’t avoid them.

The media (false information and media bias)

Today it’s almost quite common that most of the lies we are hearing are presented by none other than the media itself. While one of the five principles of ethical journalism is ‘truth and accuracy’, we will often find the media presenting us total misinformation, cover-up stories, and abusing out-of-context information.

Many of the stories we’ve read, later turned out to be lies which lacked any genuine honesty and fairness. Last year we saw the ‘cooked’ Reuters Poll, which clearly misinformed so many readers. Coming from an important news media such as Reuters, it is justified to think that professional journalism based on truth and accuracy is difficult to find even in big media networks.

The fabricated stories by mass media are usually the result of media bias. When this happens, it is good to learn about the six types of media bias. Sometimes, the knowledge about media bias will help readers to detect bias without the need of using a fact checking site.

However, in other cases, readers will need to check whether the story they’re reading is published by a medium which uses a fact checker. The most popular fact checker is the Pinocchio Test. The Washington Post, claims that they use a fact checker in accordance with the regulations of the International Fact-Checking Network.

Other websites for fact checking are FactCheck and Media Bias/Fact Check.

However, sometimes we cannot trust anything. Although the media can fabricate stories, often, those stories are nothing but rewritten statements by others who decided to lie.

Food, Health and the Environment

How would anyone feel to know that they’ve been fed toxic chemicals through food, medicine and the very air?

Since the mass media is the only channel through which information can get to people, it’s only fair to speak a bit about them.

The media won’t inform about this, because in such cases, they decide to rely on their selected ‘official statements’ or ‘scientific research and reports’ or simply to ignore some findings and truths.

Such was the case with marijuana and stories claiming ‘the deadly effects of Marijuana’. For example, an article published by the DailyMail relied on statements made by a person who has an anti-cannabis background.

Another clue that indicates this might be a biased article is that it has no sources stated, although it does not report on an interview, but on a so called ‘Expert’s devastating 20-year study’.

However, the mainstream media don’t speak about the health properties of marijuana and how useful it can be for society in many aspects, not just the human health. Why don’t they? Well, it’s because they are not paid to do that.

When was the last time we heard some large news organization report on the destructive effects of GMO?

There are so many other stories which deserve more public attention than what is being given to the “fabulous” life of Cardashians or some useless arguments between the politicians we vote for.

Many of these stories don’t come from the mainstream media, but can emerge in various news websites. Keep in mind that EVEN THEN we still need to check whether the particular story is well supported with solid facts and arguments. The important thing is that the facts are out there and if a person is eager on finding them they will succeed.

The general public, though, is not to be blamed for naively accepting such ideas as normal and creditable, and this is no thanks to the education system.


There’s a saying that goes: “If you want to destroy a nation, just spoil its education system.”

Education is the very foundation for the progress of every society, regardless of the historical period. It has been so for centuries. Education is what teaches us how to become a part of the society. Hence, it can be either directed to provide people with what’s really important or leave them in ignorance.

Our society is being shaped through education. This means that the shape of education will consequently influence the shape of society. There are examples of prospering societies which made a decision to transform their educational systems in order to provide people with knowledge and foster their individual development. The most advanced societies in the world are largely investing in proper education which nowadays is far from what education may appear to other countries.

So how is the education functioning in most countries today?

A classroom with a military-like precise order in seating, teaching and testing. Such educational environment could only produce the exact type of individuals who would later try to conform to a society which tells them how to live, gives them the moral notion on what’s good and bad and completely dictates their lives while they are completely unaware of that.

These classrooms offer no free space for students to develop their critical thinking skills. What education allows in the classrooms are controlled forms of critical thinking. In this manner, students are instructed to think against a certain truth (so that it appears as a lie to them).

When it comes to presenting the truth, many countries shape their educational materials according to their preference and interests. Students are not being taught about the genocides of the indigenous Americans, or about significant people in history such as Nikola Tesla.

The government and corporations

The government is that who represents the people. Lucky for the government or not, some of these people are very rich. The root of all the problems doesn’t have its origin in the government. For someone to become a member of the government, he or she would need a lot of money, and they won’t get it from the common people.

The best support for politicians comes from the richest corporations, such as oil, electrical, and pharmaceutical companies, and similar major enterprises in other industries.

What these supporters demand in return from their protégés is full protection and clearance for all the crimes against humanity they intend to commit. One case like that was with cannabis, which was banned for decades despite the truth of its beneficial use. Another case is the hidden truth about Tesla’s idea for wireless transmission of electricity. The list has no ending. Oil, Monsanto, terrorism, and many other topics is what we all should seriously reconsider looking into.

These lies are being inserted into the very fabric of society every single day. The government holds control and decides all about science, the education, the media, the social media and everything in society we can think of.

While we cannot change certain things overnight, the one thing we can and should change is what to believe in.

We must ALWAYS keep all things under scrutiny. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t believe anything we hear, but we should always start from a neutral point of view and develop our attitude towards information as we discover new information in the process.