Why Do Empaths Have Such a Strong Sense of Not Belonging?

Are you an empath who doesn’t think they have a place in this world? Do you feel like you’ve been thrown into a reality that’s not for you? You’re not the only one… But, why do empaths feel this way?

Even before they discover their true selves, empaths feel they’re like a piece of a puzzle that simply doesn’t fit.

They observe those who go through life following the rules set by society, those who appear to be satisfied with the system and those who get on with others without a problem. They might be unhappy sometimes, but they never seem to question anything nor find faults with the way things are. This is why empaths wonder why it’s so easy for them to fit in.

There are several reasons why empaths have this ‘sense of not belonging’. One of them is the way they ‘feel’.

Keeping in mind that the main trait of an empath is being able to feel and experience the emotions of others, we are led to believe it would help them establish a better connection to those surrounding them. However, that is rarely the case.

Empaths can sense when others are feeling angry, nervous or sad. They feel when someone’s lying or pretending to be something they’re not, and even detect their physical pain. They understand how others feel, but it doesn’t mean they’re okay with their ways, and it certainly doesn’t stop them from feeling alienated. Being an empath is a blessing and a curse, as you feel both the good and bad.

Most empaths only succeed in discovering who they are, as a Sensitive, after they have been intensely awakened or have gone through trying times.

Due to this rude awakening, they may struggle to deal with their emotions and the emotions of others. They may take on too much, leading to overwhelming feelings, fatigue and a number of other strange anomalies. Therefore, they don’t tolerate well when they’re surrounded by people and need to spend more time alone. This only further strengthens their ‘sense of not belonging’.

They may not realize at the time, but these challenging times are like an initiation. They’re supposed to occur and challenge them in the most difficult ways. Unfortunately, this can also set them further apart from the world.

As empaths, each one of us must go through the dark to find the light. Empaths must endure hard times and work to change themselves for the better and become better persons. These dark times are needed in order to make this change.

The good that comes in our lives is often a result of something bad happening. Nevertheless, this still doesn’t give an answer why so many Empaths feel like they don’t belong here.

Everyone is on a journey to learn some lessons, but empaths have this sense of not belonging to stop them from standing still.

They’re meant to move forward, continue learning (or unlearning) and seek the truth. And through looking for ‘their place’ in life and a sense of belonging, they’re working towards improving themselves in each way. They become healthier, stronger, increase their empathy and ultimately come to the point where they stop searching for answers outside themselves and look within.

Society is constantly telling us what to think, how to be educated and what we need to be happy. But, the things our society tells us will make us happy, actually won’t and Empaths are aware of this…

All the people aren’t supposed to look, feel and think the same. Each one of us is unique (even as Empaths) and is meant to experience their own discovery. But, due to all the lies, we’re being fed, we feel insecure and unworthy.

Thus, it’s no wonder that Empaths have a hard time finding where they belong. They’re able to sense the hidden lies, manipulations everywhere around them (meaning finding ‘their truth’ is even more challenging). How can you feel right in a world where everything feels so wrong?

This powerful sense of not belonging can even indicate they do not belong to themselves…

However, the good thing is that the farther Empaths go down this road, the more meaningful their journey becomes. If they keep working on themselves, have faith in themselves, listen to the voice within and their truth, they will eventually realize the reason for their feelings.

So, always remember: you may not fit in with everyone, but as long as you fit in with you by being true to yourself, you will find your place and sense of belonging.