Why Empaths Act Uncomfortable Around Inauthentic People

Being around fake people is excruciating enough for most people, and even more so for empaths. But, who exactly are these so-called empaths? By definition, empathetic people are emotionally sensitive people who absorb the feelings and emotions of others. Just think of them as sponges soaking all the energy of those around them.

This is not simply something they can choose, they’re born with it. On one hand, it can be considered as a gift because it allows them to detect the mood of someone. However, on the other hand, it’s a curse as it’s draining to constantly deal with other people’s emotional state, especially if you have to absorb the temper of a fake person.

These highly sensitive individuals are constantly looking to form deep, meaningful relationships with other people, so those who present something false will not be able to strike up any relationship with them.

When they interact with someone who’s fake or inauthentic, they can feel it. Although the person is seemingly pleasant and kind, he/she causes a strong reaction in empaths. Their empathetic radar immediately goes off and they know this person is hiding something. And they absolutely detest deception.

Once they detect your inauthentic behavior through the body language or mood, you are not worthy of their attention. However, at times they can start to act fake themselves in order to cope with an environment filled with inauthentic people.

This is not an attempt to portray empaths as special people who are smarter than everyone else. But, they do have a remarkable ability to read body language better than anyone else, which gives them the power to understand the world and see through people quickly.

There are certain actions which exhaust empathetic people emotionally and physically:

  • Acting overly nice in order to be loved and accepted by everyone.
  • Smiling and acting friendly, when in reality you are filled with hatred and anger.
  • Playing the role of a tough guy, yet feeling vulnerable and insecure deep inside.
  • Inventing a new personality and hiding your true self because you believe society won’t accept you.
  • Pushing people around, because you crave attention.
  • Making up stories in order to appear more interesting.

When they’re in the company of inauthentic people, the first response of empaths is to get away from them. And if they don’t have the chance for this, they will try to start a conversation, but ultimately will find it difficult to speak clearly and logically.

The more time they spend with fake people, the more they feel uncomfortable around them and start to feel an inevitable dread. They feel trapped, sick to their stomach and helpless. If they could, they would disappear out of there in an instant! Simply put, empaths can’t tolerate intolerable people.

On the other hand, empaths realize that most people who are unhappy only have themselves to blame. One of the main causes for unhappiness is lack of emotional maturity and self-reflection. As such, people who hide their true emotions are bound to be miserable.

Therefore, the best way to deal with this situation is to be authentic and stick to your true personality. It will not only be emotionally freeing for you, it will also help the empaths around you!