Choose A Symbol And See What Your Subconscious Reveals About Your Personality

A symbol is a magical tool to convey meaning. It is a mark embedded deep in people’s subconscious. Therefore, the magical forces of the symbols get their power from every human being’s subconscious, associating them all in an invisible yet inextricable way. The more frequently you use a symbol, the more magical power it accumulates.

The 6 symbols below are as powerful as a symbol can be. They’re all connected with invisible forces. Ancient priests and priestesses have been using them for centuries in magical properties. They carved talismans in ritual artifacts in order to tap into their power.

Symbols are still used in magic today and there are articles on all the following symbols. Every symbol attracts us in our time of need. They’re communicating with us in a very mystical way. Try to listen to them. Which one calls to you?

1. Eye of Horus

Frequently referred to as Wadjet − Ouadza (or Udjat, Wedjat), the Eye of Horus is one of the most well-known and used symbols of the ancient Egyptians. If you go for the Eye of Horus that means your aura needs immediate protection.

It personifies Horus’s revenge against Set who tried to destabilize the rulership of his father, Osiris. It also represents the Divine Omnipresence, the fact that God watches over all of us and that Karma always wins.

What you should do: Summon the divine forces of Light to protect you. Ask your Angel for guidance and help. You can also do small banishment rituals to cleanse negativity. Furthermore, you should check the symptoms of the Evil Eye and the power of the Malevolent gaze.

2. Labyrinth

The labyrinth was an elaborate structure created to hold the Minotaur. If we try to decrypt the symbol, we’ll see that the Labyrinth’s purpose is to help us find our true nature, spiritual center, or God seed. Just think about it. Labyrinths were designed to deceive demons and imps by trapping them forever in their center. So, if you choose the Labyrinth, then you need to find your inner center.

Priests, acolytes and initiates in Minoic Crete were usually dancing on them until they reached an ecstatic state and connected themselves with the Divine.

What you should do: If you call for the Labyrinth then you’re probably feeling lost lately. You might have been separated from your spiritual self, perhaps due to all the hard work and exhausting lifestyle. This means you definitely need to find your inner peace and spiritual center.

3. Trident

The trident symbolizes a strong divine Patriarch figure. You probably recognize it as a symbol of Lord Siva of Hinduism or the God Poseidon of the Greek religion. The three edges of his Trident may represent his Three Eyes, while the middle edge may represent his Third Eye.

Although Christian nations later demonized it, it’s actually a symbol of blessings, abundance, divine dominion and a magical tool with which you can drive away all your fears. Poseidon is considered to be one of the strongest gods of Greek religion. Thus, if you pick the trident, then you need to banish all your fears and assert your spiritual dominance in the astral realm.

What you should do: Show the world that you are not afraid. You are free and no evil can touch you. Use the power of the Trident and get rid of your fears once and for all!

4. Triskelion

The number three has always been associated with something magical or sacred. In triskelion, our body’s pillars are powerful forces of change, which overcome difficulties and physical and spiritual barriers. Therefore, if the Triskelion calls for you, then you need something that will help you break the barriers of your physical life.

The triskelion embodies the creative force of the Sun. And the solar forces help us thrive. The unification of the triskelion’s three legs creates quite an “unnatural” force which can be used to create what we want in reality.

What you should do: Create a matrix of bright energy by tapping into the Solar Forces. This will help you raise your vibrations too.

5. Uroboros

Uroborus (or Ouroboros) was adopted as a symbol in Gnosticism and Hermeticism and was a sacred emblem in Phrygia in the first centuries BC. It had also been confused with dark arts during the Middle Age. However, Uroborus has, in fact, a much more harmless meaning. It is a reminder of Karma and the endless time-action-reaction continuum.

If you choose this symbol, you really need to have a good look at your Karma. You should make some changes because you are stuck in a never-ending loop where nothing ever changes. This happens because you actually don’t want anything to change. Break the circle of Ouroborus and you can break the circle of incarnations and enter the blessed Nirvana.

What you should do: Find out what you are doing or redoing wrong and change it. You can also cast a karma cleansing spell!

6. Scarab

A scarab is an object symbolizing the holy beetle in ancient Egypt. Beetles lay their eggs in dung and dead bodies of beetles and other animals. Since scarabs emerge alive among the dead and the waste, the ancient Egyptians believed that scarabs come from the dead. They also thought scarabs came from the Underworld or they consisted of the Underworld’s matter.

Moreover, the scarab is frequently linked with Resurrection, Rebirth, and Reincarnation. Because of their association with Ra, Phoenix, and Rebirth, scarabs are important symbols used in health and longevity spells. You can constantly ask for vitality, rebirth and better health for yourself or any of your loved ones since these are also considered “living” symbols. So, if you choose the scarab, you’re thirsty for vitality.

What you should do: Find a way to replenish your energy. You could try by eating healthier or renewing your gym membership. If you’re worried about some symptoms, consult with your doctor. The scarab is reaching out to you because you should look for yourself and not neglect your dead ancestors.