You Can Spot Any Psychopath By Looking For These 8 Signs

You probably imagined a crazy man wielding a knife when you heard the word psychopath, right? I don’t blame you as this is the most usual portrayal in popular culture. But the truth is very much different. In fact, there’s a chance that your neighbor or someone you know is a hidden psychopath. This certainly isn’t something you could discuss over a business meeting or a casual encounter on the street. So how do you know if there’s a psychopath lurking in your life?

Let’s make something clear first. A psychopath is someone who is able to manipulate everyone and everything around them for his own purposes. They may seem charming and friendly at a first glance, but the more time you spend with them, the more they start to shine their true colors. These are the type of people who won’t stop at anything to get what they want. They don’t care how it affects others around them.

You can’t play on their emotions. They don’t have any. But, most of them do have certain qualities which can reveal their true nature. As such here are 8 ways to spot a psychopath:

  1. No Remorse

Whenever I hurt or do something wrong to someone, I immediately feel guilty and remorseful. But, with these lunatics, it’s quite the opposite. They feel no guilt whatsoever.


  1. No Emotions

A psychopath is completely incapable of putting himself in someone else’s shoes. The notion of emotions is foreign to these people. Nevertheless, by observing others they’ve become quite skilled at mimicking empathy or sympathy.


  1. Creating A Guilt Trip In Others

Individuals with psychopathic tendencies thrive on playing with people’s emotions. They’re master manipulators who know perfectly well how to gain your trust by noticing small details about you and make you feel guilty by using your vulnerabilities against you.


  1. Disregarding Everyone

Even if the whole world went up in flames, they wouldn’t care less, as long as they’re fine. They are only concerned with their own well-being and it never occurs to them to think about anyone else.


  1. Feelings Of Superiority

Psychopathic individuals think they’re better than everyone around them. This is why they can get away with feeling no guilt at all. They feel as though their presence is omnipotent, towering above everything and everyone.


  1. Skillful Liars

They’re used to lying all the time, even at times when they get nothing out of it. This gives them a false sense of power they often can’t get enough of.


  1. Charming Personality

Even though it sounds scary, psychopaths tend to get along with almost anyone. They’re very friendly and know how to charm you – quite the opposite of what’s shown in TV shows or movies.


  1. Lack Of Responsibility For Actions

Regardless of what they do, they never take responsibility for what they do. It’s never their fault.

So, have you found someone who matches these criteria? It’s important to note that a psychopath does not have to have all these traits. Even one or two is enough. Either way, it would be a good idea to look for other scientific checklists as well before determining someone is a psychopath.