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Brave Congressman Blows The Lid Off About Afghan Heroin Trade Being Enabled By US Tax Dollars!

President Donald Trump ran a campaign promising that he would end the brutal occupation in Afghanistan, however, just like his predecessor, he announced this week it will continue! What’s more, the US has been subsidizing failed projects, infrastructure, military, police and even terrorism at the expense of billions of US tax dollars!

While many, especially the left when they saw that Trump was exactly the same as Obama, cheered this decision, Congressman Thomas Massie exposed the harsh truth that lies behind these decisions!

Massie also blew the lid off about the millions of dollars spent on a hydroelectric damn about which the government feared that it would be blown up by the Taliban. He uncovered that the main reason they are steering clear away from it is that they are getting 30 percent of the electricity, for which we are paying!

Furthermore, Massie openly talked about the opium trade and production which has increased by 3,500 percent in Afghanistan since the US entered the country!

When Massie asked the inspector general why they couldn’t simply spray pesticides on all of the poppy fields, he was told that they can’t eradicate the plants, as the Taliban need the money from the opium production. This statement solely discovers the lies and false plots we are given as the Taliban used to prevent people from growing poppy, Massie claims.

The most difficult truth to swallow is that Trump does know that the occupation of Afghanistan leads to a larger heroin epidemic, more innocent civilians killed, more troops needless dying and more terrorism!

It is horrifying when we are faced with the plain truth which is that lunacy is continuing to grow with the very occupation in Afghanistan and that the only ones who benefit from this are the CIA, terrorists, the military industrial complex, drug cartels and warlords!

It is even more shameful for the ones conducting these events that unfortunately, Massie is accompanied by only a handful of people. The majority want the war to continue as their lobbyists tell them that this is what’s keeping them in their comfortable seats!

When you listen to the speech, just remember that every senator, adviser and representative knows these facts and still they play the fool chooseing to perpetuate them!

These are not only lying governing people, these are criminals! Your freedom isn’t “protected” when troops are sent to Afghanistan! Troops are payed with your tax money, they are sent to die and for what? Just because a corrupt group of elites need to be enriched even more!

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