Air Force Officer Who Witnessed Bin Laden’s Assassination Just Said We Have All Been Lied To

A highly decorated retired Air Force officer has decided to come forward and tell her version of one of the most deadly stacks on Navy SEALS in U.S. history that occurred back in 2011. She claims the government covered up evidence about the death of 38 fighters in Afghanistan when a Chinook helicopter crashed and killed them. She says Obama’s decision to change the rules of engagement to protect Radical Muslim terrorists is what cost these men their lives.

Retired Air Force Captain Joni Marquez is revealing all the atrocity and treason that happened that fateful day on August 6, 2011, allegedly at the hands of Barack Obama. She and her crew were working the dark morning hours on an AC-130 gunship when they were called on a mission she describes “as almost like a 9-1-1 type of a situation.”

According to Circa, the gunship received orders to fly close-in air support above Afghanistan’s dangerous Tangi Valley, located in Wardak Province, and assist troops with the Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment who were in a firefight with eight Taliban insurgents. The Ranger Regiment called for the assistance of assault helicopters to engage the hidden enemies in the valley. Even though the air weapons team fired at the Taliban insurgents, not all of them were killed, as they thought at first.

Marquez was the fire control officer aboard the ship, whose job that night was to ensure the alignment of sensors on the weapons, allowing the crew to hone in on targets.

In her first post-incident interview, Marquez told Circa: “I had the sensor operators immediately shift to the eight insurgents the helicopters had taken out.” “Two were still alive.”

Everyone was waiting for the permission to take out the terrorists, but that never happened because Obama’s generals didn’t give the gunship an order to fire. While monitoring from above, she relayed the scene to the ground force commander but was denied permission to engage.

“We had seen two of them (insurgents) moving, crawling away from the area, as to not really make a whole lot of scene. You have two enemy forces that are still alive,” she remembers. “Permission to engage.”

Marquez further went on to tell Circa that by refusing to allow her crew to engage the two terrorists, the ground commander sealed the fate of the fighters involved in Extortion 17.

Helpless to do anything except tracking the two enemy insurgents with the surveillance equipment, Marquez, and her team watched as they made their way through an open field, then to a village where they rallied more fighters.

Meanwhile, a CH-47 Chinook helicopter joined the hours-long firefight with the call sign Extortion 17. According to the official investigation of the U.S. Central Command, a Taliban fighter launched a rocket-propelled grenade and hit the Chinook, sending the helicopter into a downward spin. The crash took 38 lives, including 30 Americans out of which 17 were Navy SEALs and 8 Afghans. A few months ago, SEALs became popular among the general public for the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Marquez believes that had she and her team been allowed to fire, the 38 warriors would still be alive today.

“They continued to essentially gain more and more force behind them because they just kept knocking on doors,” Marquez said. “And the two personnel that initially fled ended up becoming a group of 12 people.”

Furthermore, she added that pleas and warnings from her crew to return the Chinook back to base or cancel their mission were dismissed by the commanders. And by the time Extortion 17 was coming in, everything descended into confusion.

Unfortunately, the situation quickly went from bad to worse. The Chinook was shot down by the enemy insurgents and Marquez witnessed the ejection of one of the Navy SEALS from the burning helicopter. She sat helplessly and watched his heat signature fade from red to blue on her infrared monitor, as he was slowly dying.

Due to the pain of living with what happened, she was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is going to therapy.

But, her take on the story has been confirmed by the Defense Department inspector general in a previously sealed top-secret report.

“If we would’ve been allowed to engage that night, we would’ve taken out those two men immediately. I mean, it’s just one of those things where you know that it could’ve all been prevented,” she said, tears strolling down her face as she recollected that fateful night.

It can be argued that the death of 38 U.S. warriors happened due to Barack Obama’s updates to the military’s rules of engagement in 2009. He basically gave precedence to the lives of Muslim terrorists at the expense of American lives.

Marquez won’t rest until justice is served and the people who were responsible come clean about it. At the end of the day, Marquez believes that revealing the truth of what happened that night will change the military’s rules of engagement and will save lives in the future.