Once You Accept These 7 Harsh Realities In Your Life, You’ll Become Tough As A Rock!

Sometimes the harshest life lessons have to be received again and again. It is up to us whether we will be in time to recognize that we are in the same puddle and this time to make a different decision and get out of it.

These seven brutal truths may be hard for some of you, but they are guaranteed to help you sort out your mess and get your life back on track. This one is for all those who don’t fall back when life kicks them in the teeth and are ready to become stronger persons.

1) No one is there to fix you, you got to fix yourself!

There’s something missing in your life? So, go out there and find it.

Feeling miserable? Get out of your own prison and discover the things that do make you happy.

Many people are waiting for that winning lottery ticket or that knight in shining armor to come and rescue them. We got to stand up straight, realize that we’re not a damsel in distress, but tough warriors that can face the day. The decisive step is to figure out what you want out of life, and then get out in the world and grab it tight.

2) Nothing in life is and will never be perfect.

“Now is not the right time to have kids.”

“It is too risky to start my own business.”

“I cannot start dating other people until I’m thinner.”

Stop making unnecessary excuses. If you keep waiting for the right moment, the right place or the right circumstances, you will end up waiting on your deathbed with a long list of regrets about all things you never allowed yourself to do.

Now is the right time for everything, so stop procrastinating for no reason and get what you want. You deserve it!

3) You’re probably DEFINITELY going to face failure

“The only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.” (Aristotle)

Aristotle may be dead hundreds of years, but that doesn’t mean the old Greek philosopher isn’t right about this. Failure is completely normal, and everyone does it.

Yes, you WILL make a fool of yourself.

Yes, you WILL make very bad decisions.

And you’ll kiss the WRONG person.

And you will definitely make big mistakes and regret them.

And it’s all just fine, but the crucial moment when you fall is to stand up, lift your head up and get straight back up again. You mustn’t stop living your life just because you didn’t manage to succeed the first time.

4) Face it: you CANNOT change the past!

For many people, this one may be very hard to accept – but no matter how hard you try, you can never write a new version of the past. And that’s perfectly fine. You don’t even need your old past.

Just stop spending your precious time swimming in the puddle of your regrets and mistakes. Instead, focus on your plans for the future and start taking positive steps to accomplish your dreams.

5) Tomorrow doesn’t come for everyone, so appreciate it.

The charismatic tech genius who gave us the iPhone said it best:

Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.” – Steve Jobs

People die in accidents, they get cancer and have heart attacks. So, don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today because, for many people out there, tomorrow doesn’t always come.

6) Being occupied doesn’t necessarily mean you are being productive too.

Some people cannot miss the opportunity to say out loud just how busy they are. However, a deeper analysis of their actions will make you realize that if those people put as much effort on completing their tasks as they do on stressing out just how much they have to do, they wouldn’t be so busy actually.

The point is: you need to work smarter, not harder. Make a list of everything you have to do, placing urgent and important tasks at the top and roll up your sleeves. Eliminate anything that might distract you and get the work done.

7) You DO have the time, stop making excuses that you don’t.

“I just haven’t got the time” – people have said this statement so often that it completely lost its meaning and value. How many hours a day do you spend wasting your time on various social media? How about sitting in front of the TV? Going through old pictures on your phone that you’ve already seen before? Chatting to colleagues about pointless things, such as their sisters, neighbors, the way people dress?

The truth is that we fill our days with all sorts of distractions that take away a large amount of our precious time. To overcome this, you need to identify yours, spend less time on them and you will suddenly find you have more available time during the day than you thought in the first place.

Now that you’ve tasted the bitter taste of truth, what will you do first to start getting your life in order?

You know you should and CAN do it! So, start today.

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