8 Signs Showing A Woman Hasn’t Made Love For Far Too Long

Both males and females feel the benefits of having a regular and healthy sex life. Experts around the world confirmed that having regular intimate relations with your partner can improve your health considerably.

Just as having sex on a regular basis has a number of benefits for your health and body, the lack of it has just as many disadvantages for you and your health. In fact, not having sex for a long period can be devastating for you.

In general, women are more likely to lose their sexual desire than men. Here are 8 signs that show a woman has been lonely for too long.

1. Low Self-Esteem

If you don’t think sex is a fun thing, this can have an effect on your self-esteem and the respect you have for yourself and your body. A lack of respect can further cause a lot of problems in your relationship, or if you’re single make you question whether you’ll stay alone forever.

2. Decreased Memory

The lack of sexual activity can damage the quality of your memory by forcing you to remind yourself that you need to have sex. This will diminish the relevance of other memories and eventually that’s all you’ll think about.

3. Insomnia

It’s a common fact that sex and sleeping go well together and a good amount of both can relieve stress almost instantly. Thus, if you want to get a good night’s sleep that will leave you replenished and energized, you know the drill.

4. Constant Illness

The chances of becoming sick increase with each day you spend not having sex. Experts highly recommend having sex at least two times per week as it will boost your immunoglobulin by 35 % and stimulate your immune system drastically.

5. Drugs

Despite the common belief that drugs can increase your sexual desire, meds actually work the other way around. This is why it’s very important to consult your physician and learn how drugs can affect your intimate life before you take any.

6. Avoiding People

If you don’t have enough sex, you would normally think that going out and hanging out with people will finally help you end that dry period. But, that’s not true. The lack of sex is actually making you even more anti-social.

7. Increased Body Wight

Since you burn around 500-600 calories by having regular sex, when you’re abstaining from it, you can easily gain some weight.

8. Getting Older

By not having sex regularly, you expose yourself to more stress, which can eventually speed up the aging process.