8 Signs You Are An Overthinker, Even If You Don’t Think So

Do you often catch yourself overanalyzing and obsessing over each situation of your life? Are there infinite scenarios playing simultaneously in your head and you just wish there was a stop button to push and make your brain stop? If you answered yes, then you’re almost certainly an overthinker.

You probably often hear from others how it’s a blessing to be a thinker when you’re solving problems. However, deep inside, you believe this is a curse, as it seriously affects your personal wellbeing.

And it’s even worse when you’re doing it without being aware!

So, here are 8 signs you might be an overthinker, even if you don’t feel like one.

You attach meaning to everything

Someone at work looked at you in a weird way and you can’t stop wondering why. You immediately start to think there might be a zit on your face or your hair is in a horrible condition, or that perhaps there’s a stain somewhere on your shirt.

Or maybe your crush still hasn’t replied to you after 5 hours, and you begin inventing ridiculous reasons why. What does it all mean? Well, it means that you’re an overthinker who needs to attach meaning to everything around you. However, don’t worry, this isn’t too bad. You just need to remind yourself that nothing has an inherent meaning other than the meaning you give it.

You can’t make a fast decision

Have you found yourself in a situation where you need to make a decision fast, but couldn’t do it? You probably thought so much about the best outcome from all possible choices that you ended up doing nothing. A classic case of analysis paralysis.

If you want to break this never-ending thinking cycle, maybe you can learn to choose just one option and stick with it. Focus more on doing, instead of thinking.

You don’t know how to let things go

You attach yourself easily to things important to you. And you really don’t want to fail. When you’ve invested so much time and energy into something, it’s hard to just let it go when it isn’t working.

But, sometimes even you think you‘ve put something behind you, it reappears and you start thinking about it again. And the more you think about something, the more it will eat away at you.

You’re not a fan of small-talk

There’s nothing more irritating for you than talking about the weather or what you had for dinner yesterday. You’d rather be talking about something more meaningful like the purpose of life, or the secrets of the universe. Your mind thrives on deep conversations like these.

You’re constantly searching for new information

Whenever a friend sends you an article with a topic that interests you, you truly immerse yourself in it, trying to learn as much as you can. You’re a great fan of reading and get a rush of blood when you learn something new. In addition, you’re always curious about how the world works, and new information is like food to your overactive mind.

You love solving problems

Maybe you’ve been trying to come up with a solution for something for weeks. You’ve been working your tail off to prove a theory about someone you like or some other complex problem. And when it finally turns out to be true, you’re excited beyond measure!

Then, of course, you proceed to the next problem, which may prompt you to question whether you actually figured out the initial problem.

You like to analyze people

You are always trying to understand why people behave the way they do. You enjoy watching even their slightest gestures because you want to figure them out. This is why you may find public places both overwhelming and fascinating.  For instance, you may tell a lot about someone’s personality just by observing how they walk.

You enjoy activities which soothe your mind

Since overthinking is tiring at best of times, you look forward to long walks, meditation, exercise, writing or even a conversation. Anything that will take your mind out of overactive mode. When you’re overthinking, you may find it difficult to relax, so these activities will help you focus on doing instead of thinking. After all, every overthinker needs a much-deserved break.