7 Personal Things You Should NEVER Reveal To Anyone!

The world we live in, even though it relies on truth as its fundamental virtue, still needs balance now and then. It is much better to keep certain truths only to yourself!

That’s why, some of the wisest people that ever walked on Earth advise us to keep certain things in our own privacy.

Here are 7 important things that you should never tell to anyone!

1. The long-term plans you have.

Wise people of the past warn that you must never speak of your long-term plans to anyone. You should wait until you’ve accomplished them.

Your plans and ideas are not only vulnerable, but they also get stained when you reveal them to others. Other people simply do not have the vision you do.

2. The good deeds you’ve done.

Good deeds are rare and graceful in this world. They should be kept as pure as the driven snow.

Bragging to others (or even to yourself) about your good deeds only takes away your nobility and casts a shadow of pride on your grace.

3. Your asceticism.

Whatever you’re consciously depriving yourself of, such as alcohol, certain foods, physical pleasures, or other types of indulgences, is meant only for building your character.

Don’t live your life so that you can tell others how you live it. Every single person in this world has their own way of life, as well as their own choices and preferences.

Do the things that make you happy. If you reveal your asceticism to others, it will only steer your genuine intention from becoming a better person, to only appearing as one.

Your asceticism then stops being about self-discipline.

4. Your genuine heroism.

Wise people teach that a true hero comes silently, from the inside, without the need to show off.

True heroes do what they do not so that others would know, but because deep down in their hearts THEY know it’s the right thing to do. They believe in their cause and don’t need the validation or praise from anyone else.

Most heroic deeds are external, and people acknowledge them, they praise such outer heroes. But it is the inner acts of heroism that truly matter. The inner acts of heroism will make you a true hero.

5. Your family issues.

What happens inside your family circle, the shared moments with your love partner, your personal life, is something that should remain intimate.

You should respect other people’s privacy as well. The little things you know about your family members and your significant other, you know them for a reason. It’s because you are close to them and they trust you.

Other people who may be close to you, are not close to them. Don’t break these sacred “walls” of trust and intimacy without their permission. It is as if you’re borrowing a toy from a person who trusts you and then giving it to someone else to play with. It’s not your toy to give.

6. The secrets and unpleasant facts you know about others.

Just as you can make your clothes dirty, you can make your consciousness dirty too.

Talking bad things about others behind their backs only stains your consciousness, and these stains will later turn into destructive energy.

A wise thing to do is to leave these details out, as they won’t do any good to anyone, neither to you, or the ones you speak of.

7. The resentments about your past.

The past is in the past. It’s gone, so let go of it, it only blocks you from going further.

The best way to express your thoughts and feelings is while something is taking place, right now.

But if you happen to miss the chance, there’s nothing else for you to do afterward but letting it go. Otherwise, you will always remain one step behind, never being present in the moment where you can actually make a better decision.