5 Reasons Why Marrying a Guy Who Has a Sister Can Lead to a Happier Marriage

Another girl in your significant other’s life can sometimes be a good thing…

The task of finding the man of your dreams is definitely not as easy as the movies portray it to be. All of us have painted a picture of our perfect guy in our minds. Some girls fall for tall, dark and handsome guys, others prefer blonde, muscular types. But, now we have one more thing we can add to the list: has a sister.

Even though it sounds crazy, science actually says having siblings can have an influence on a person’s personality. If you have siblings, you’ll realize this is true. Therefore, here are 5 reasons why guys who have sisters would make the perfect husbands.

1. They Are Happier

According to studies, if you have at least one sister, you will be happier and less susceptible to depression, even as an adult! Who wouldn’t want to be with a happier man?

2. They Don’t Get Freaked Out by “Woman Stuff”

They know what a period is and are familiar with its side-effects. It’s very likely that they’re no strangers to tampons/pads and chocolate cravings and they know exactly what PMS means. Thus, when you start screaming that you want to cut out your uterus or get angry for no reason, they will be a shoulder for you to cry on. Is there anything more you’d want in a guy?

3. They Don’t Think Women Are Foreign Alien Species

Living with a sister has taught them that women are human, and while we can be a bit high maintenance, we can maintain a conversation as well as a guy would. Each girl would be happy with a guy who can actually talk to her.

4. They Understand The Female Standard Time

Since these guys have grown up with a sister, they’ve had to deal with girls occupying the bathroom for a long time, and are used to how much it takes them to get ready. They won’t be angry if it takes you 30 minutes to put on your makeup or do your hair for a date night.

5. They Know How to Treat a Woman

There’s no chance their sister would let them grow up without letting them know what women want. They know women deserve respect and can tell the difference between romance and creepy stalking. These men already know how to treat you like the incredible, independent, emotional, but fierce queen you are!