A 3-Year-Old Boy Recalls His OWN MURDER In Past Life, Locates The Body, And Identifies His KILLER! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?!

Imagine that you are the parents of a small child, and it is exactly your child that starts telling you from the moment he begins to speak, the facts and details of his previous life. How will you respond to all that?!

Many people are wondering if reincarnation is just a myth or a reality. If you are skeptical about this question, a three-year-old boy from the Golan Heights close to the Syrian-Israel border may change your mind. This boy claimed to have been killed by an ax in his last life. What’s fascinating is that after the boy visited the village where he lived in his previous life, he found a skeleton, a weapon, and the ACTUAL MURDERER!

In his book, “Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today”, German therapist Trutz Hardo explains the story of this boy, as well as stories of other children who remember their past lives with incredible precision. The boy’s story from the Golan Plateau was noticed by Dr. Eli Lasch, who provided medical assistance in the Gaza Strip, as part of an Israeli government’s mission during the sixties. Lasch actually witnessed all of these events. Before he died he told this incredible phenomenon to Harddo.

The boy was part of the Druse religious community, which belongs to a form of Islam and lives in the territories of Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan. The reincarnation in their culture is accepted as a fact, but its story has greatly surprised the members of this community. The boy was born with a long mark on his head. The Druse community believes that, like some other cultures, the mark is associated with death in the previous life. When the boy grew up and started to speak, he told his family that in the previous life he was murdered with an ax.

Usually, when the child is three years old, the elders in the Druse community carry him to the place where he had previously lived if he remembers. The boy knew the village where he once lived. When he went there, he also remembered the name he had in his previous life.

Residents of the village told that the man, whom the boy said was his reincarnation, disappeared four years earlier. The family and friends of the missing thought that he had gone into enemy territory because this often happened.

The boy also knew who killed him in his previous life. When faced with the killer, his face became paler, but he did not confess the murder. The three-year-old boy then told the elders that he could take them to the EXACT PLACE where the body was buried. In exactly the same place, a skeleton of a man with an ax wound on his skull was found that corresponded to the child’s birthmark. An ax has also been found.

When faced with the evidence, the killer confessed the crime. This is just one of the reasons for such phenomena. Is this boy’s story just an isolated incident, or do all people have memories of their past lives waiting to be rediscovered?

Perhaps in the near future science will be able to give precise answers. What is your opinion on reincarnation and how would you explain this extraordinary event?