18 Adorable Cats Who Are Hopelessly IN LOVE With Their Owners

A friend of mine is so lovely and adorable, that I always enjoy her company. One of the things that makes her such a lovable person for me, is her relationship with her cat. I mean, this girl simply adores her cat. And the cat adores her too.

Many people do not like cats, and their main arguments are that cats are not able to love and have no “character”.

But, let’s get something straight right away: Cats are not aloof and rude animals. They can be the best pets you’ll ever had.

Need a proof?

The following 18 photos will serve you good. The very sight of these couples just melts your heart away!

  1. Love at first sight – that’s all I have to say.

  1. When your cat loves you, it has absolutely no problem manifesting its love.

  1. Real teamwork: reading and laziness. Perfectly happy during a lazy morning with you while you read the newspaper.

  1. The most beautiful autumn afternoon outside.

  1. In fact, they can get a bit obsessed occasionally. This one here just speaks: Pay attention to ME!

  1. You’re probably thinking: “I wish someone would look at me as my kitty does.”

  1. Can you even resist the cuteness of this cat? Don’t answer that, I know you can’t 😊

  1. Nothing can suit your heart and soul as a good kitten embrace.

  1. No matter how our cat is going to hug you. As long as it’s always there.

  1. Of course, sometimes your cat’s love for you can get in the way of work…

  1. …but other times, they just want to offer a helping paw.

  1. All the same, they just want to be as close as possible to you.

  1. So the very idea that cats are unable to show affection is, frankly, absurd.

  1. This is not the face of a cold-hearted animal.

  1. It’s the face of a cat who cares about their owner VERY TRULY.

  1. Oh that look full of love…I am melting!

  1. The warm embrace of a gentle master? The best place for a cat!

  1. It’s simply impossible not to ❤️ a cat.