17 Heart-Melting Pics That’ll Make You Want A LOVE LIKE THIS

Looking at these amazing 17 pictures, you will either cry with tears of joy or feel very lonely.

There is no stronger force in the universe than love. Love is the very essence of our entire existence, and nothing else makes us feel more alive than love itself. There is not a single person on this planet that doesn’t seek love, that doesn’t need love as food for their soul.

People would cross great distances just to make their loved ones truly happy. The very love gives them this immense willpower, courage, and motivation to do anything for their mutual happiness.

We sure hope they will boost your motivation to get out and find a loved one for yourselves.

1. An elderly couple with a coordinated sense of dressing.

2. The guy who gets so excited during his girlfriend’s makeup routine. You can tell he really loves the sight.

3. The husband who got an Academy Award for being “Best Husband.”

4. These Jeopardy!-watching parents. Their love is so touching. I bet you would love a life like theirs.

5. These adorable cats. They sure know what love and romance are all about.

6. A crazy-in-love couple who still drunk-flirts after 30 years of marriage.

7. The grateful girl who appreciates even a simple present. She is truly overjoyed.

8. A sweet marriage proposal in public that melts people’s hearts.

9. A charming grandpa having a date night. Guess how his date went 🙂

10. A love couple’s box of letters that is full of their sweet memories.

11. This Snapchatting mom who simply adores her man!

12. This caring boyfriend. Any girl would love a BF like him.

13. These parents who enjoy the swimming so much…and each other’s company.

14. Dear Lil’ Jeremy is no longer lonely.

15. This girl’s truly original gift for her boyfriend. I bet he loooooves that!

16. This girl in love, who just got the best gift for herself. She loves her BF so much that she got a blanket with his face on!

17. And finally, the person who is sooo in love…with themselves.