16 Things You Should Accept From A Loved One With Anxiety

Having anxiety of any kind is hard. It makes you feel sad even though your life is great, lonely even though your family and friends love you, and full of doubts about your life and everything around you. Furthermore, this disease is not only extremely difficult to live with, but also very misunderstood, which makes the person suffering from it feel even worse.

However, anxiety is often associated with a high IQ, sensitivity, creative nature, a drive for achievement, and an inclination to care too much. Thus, a lot of people find themselves falling for someone with anxiety issues. As such, here are 16 things you can expect if a loved one has anxiety:

  1. Firm boundaries

Anxious introverts sometimes feel the need to be alone. This is not because they don’t care about you; they just need time to replenish their energy. And if you give them some space, you will definitely be rewarded afterward.

  1. Gratitude for the little things

Anxious people often notice even the tiniest details, which is why they express gratitude even for the smallest of gestures.

  1. Deep bond which grows quickly

These people may not have a lot of friends, but those that are in their inner circle are truly appreciated and trusted. Once you’re in, you’re in for life!

  1. Indecisiveness

Having too many decisions to make can be rather stressful for people with anxiety issues. This is why decision-making is usually left to their partners or family.

  1. Listen, rather than give advice

Sometimes your loved one simply needs someone to vent. So, you should learn to simply hear them out, instead of trying to find a way to fix the problem. They will appreciate you even more after that, trust me!

  1. New attempts at dealing with anxiety

These individuals will try all kinds of techniques to cope with anxiety ranging from essential oils to adult coloring books or meditation.  Even if some of them may seem silly to you, be supportive. Just knowing that you have their back can go a long way.

  1. Give reassurance more than you’d like to

If your partner is anxious, it’s very likely they want to know that they’re safe with you and that you love them. This will help soothe their anxiety a little.

  1. Powerlessness against anxiety

Don’t try to find the reason behind their insecurities. Anxious introverts know they aren’t logical, but knowing what causes their anxiety won’t make them feel any better.

  1. Learn deep breathing exercises

In times of trouble, learn some deep breathing exercises and walk through them with your partner. It will be more effective.

  1. Honest communication

Your anxious loved one will probably sense if you’re holding something back from them. In fact, this can make them even more anxious, so just try to be as honest with them as you can.

  1. Lists and itineraries

Anxious people usually try to control what they can and limit what causes their anxiety by preparing and planning. Therefore try not to stray from the plan and be supportive.

  1. Unusual sleep patterns

Many people with this disorder have trouble sleeping. So, if you can, stay up with them sometimes.

  1. Stability rather than drama

Anxious people don’t like drama in their life. They seek someone they can depend on.

  1. Unsolvable problems

Learn to be okay with not being able to solve all problems for your anxious loved one.

  1. Encouragement for self-care

Try to explain to them that self-care is really important and it’s life-saving.

  1. Make your own self-care a priority

In addition to your partner’s self-care, it’s important that you take care of yourself.

All in all, if someone has anxiety, it doesn’t define who they are and it shouldn’t be seen as a great presence that dominates your relationship with them. Just be there for them, listen to them and try to understand them. This person may not be like anyone you’ve ever met in your life, but that’s what makes them even more unique, right?