15 Usual Everyday Things That May Cause an Anxiety Attack

The struggle may not be obvious, but it’s real!

Mental illnesses are still commonly misunderstood today because they’re often invisible. A loved one could be struggling with anxiety, and you might not have even the slightest clue. After all, there’s a reason why it’s also known as the silent disorder. In fact, anxiety could be triggered by such things the rest of us would consider as part of our normal, everyday lives. According to a recent anxiety questionnaire, here are some of the most surprising responses for the cause of anxiety.

Speaking to people in person

Most people would be thrilled to hang out with a large group, right? But, not anxious individuals. They even described this feeling as equal to being sucked into an abyss.

Being stared at

Anxiety victims also can’t stand when somebody starts staring at them.  They immediately feel paralyzed and can’t focus on other things if they know somebody is looking at them.

Getting a haircut

This also seems like a normal thing to do. However, for those struck by high anxiety, it is not an easy task. Before going, they get really nervous and look worried. Then they’re faced with the dilemma of where to look. Do they stare at their worried faces or do they plaster on some weird half-smile half grimace face?

Doing new tasks before other people

Imagine a situation where you need to impress someone by doing a new task. It’s a bit frightening, isn’t it? Well, for anxious people it’s ten times that.

Going to work

The whole morning before leaving for work is a long process for these individuals. They’re burdened with anxious thoughts until they walk in the door to work. But, as soon as they get there, they’re fine.

Waiting for a reply

No matter how insignificant it is, waiting for someone to respond to a message is really dreadful to them.

Listening to voicemails

Even though these are probably routine check-ins, anxious people say their stomach flutters with dread every time they get one. It’s probably because they’re afraid of hearing bad news.

Being with friends after some time alone

For some reason, it makes them feel alienated from their close friends.

Putting away change from a cashier

Some people hate having to take change from a cashier since it may take longer to put it back in their wallets. They feel like everyone in the store stops to stare at them trying to shove the change somewhere quickly.

Being around new people

This is truly traumatizing for those suffering from anxiety. They never know what to say. Is it creepy if they talk to them? What’s even more, they sometimes forget their name after a few minutes, triggering another anxiety attack.

Being on time

Every time they need to be somewhere, they make sure they arrive 15-20 minutes earlier and just stand around awkwardly. And whenever they’re exactly on time, they apologize for being late. Even they themselves can’t find the logic behind this.

Using self-service checkouts

If they need to pass self-service checkouts, they’re afraid security will think they’re shoplifting, so they exaggerate their movements.

Group projects

The worst thing an anxious person can hear is that they need to work with a group for a project at school or university. This could cause major stress. Everyone you want always gets paired up with other people and the only group left is the ones no one wanted to be with (including yourself).

Writing emails

It’s definitely not fun to write e-mails when your anxiety is making you revise four sentences for hours.

Making a turn at a busy intersection

There’s always someone behind you, impatiently waiting for you to go prompting an even bigger anxiety attack.