13 Text Messages of Cheaters Getting Busted In The Act


Cheating is the ultimate unforgivable act. Unfortunately, it’s becoming a frequent part of every relationship. One partner usually demands some “space”, and if they don’t get it, they resort to cheating. Even though men have mastered the art of hiding it, women are not that far behind.

Nobody likes a cheater, so the satisfaction of seeing one get caught red-handed is that much greater. Nowadays, with social media shaming, window escapes, or hidden cameras, the Internet is flooded with cases of cheaters and liars. And the best part is the replies and quotes with hefty doses of Karmas their partner posts. It’s even more hilarious to watch.

So, if you’re not happy with your partner, take your things and get out! Furthermore, you won’t be able to cover up your lies forever. Eventually, there’s a big chance the truth will come out.

Having said that, here are several screenshots that show cheaters who played themselves and ended up getting busted.

1. Dad, Boyfriend, It doesn’t matter – Tales Of A Careless Texter.

Pay attention whom you text, because you could end up texting your boyfriend the things you meant to tell your dad. (Or vice versa).

2. Your Ex-The Poet.

There’s a lesson to be learned here: block your ex or else they will make sure you realize your mistakes. One form of a revenge could be sending stupid poems.

3. A New Partner In Crime For The Long Con

This strategy is pure savage mode. The only way to achieve this is to befriend the other guy and make sure she finds out you’re cool with each other.

4. A True Modern Battle. Well Done!

Hide your controllers, hide your games, because she will take everything that you hold dear. But, truth be told, what kind of an idiot do you have to be to hook up with someone at a party when your partner is there?

5. Cheating On A Test, Cheating With A Brother.

Who needs to write a confession when cheating on a test, though? Nevertheless, always ask everything before you reply.

6. The Football Game.

If they just included the football game in the first text, their partner wouldn’t have found out about the cheating.

7. This One Is Unbeatable. Who Would Deny After Looking At This Picture?

Women know very well when and how to seduce men. This lady really nailed it. How much do you want to bet this guy said YES after he received this picture?

8. Always Think Twice Before Texting Your GF’s Bff

How does anyone even think of asking their girlfriend’s best friend? That’s a big NO.

9. Don’t Share Everything With Your Brother

Poor Mark. Who knows what went through his head.

10. Never Lie To Your BF!

It’s better to call your friends for an outing instead of texting, because excitement leads to this…

11. Bad Daddy!

Seriously? You want to bribe your daughter into hiding your infidelity from your wife? Beware all the dads.

12. Again. Check Your Text Messages Before You Send Them.

Who in their right mind would just immediately admit to something like this? You can make up a lie about anything. Amateur!

13. Don’t Ever Be That Dumb!

Conversations like these have to indicate something is wrong…