11 Things Others Don’t Realize You’re Doing Due to Your High Functioning Anxiety

Anxiety has, without question, become a serious problem. Unfortunately, those who haven’t genuinely experienced it, cannot understand the effects it can have on a person due to a number of misconceptions surrounding anxiety.

Although many believe that anxious people are lazy, irresponsible and passive, they couldn’t be more wrong!

If you don’t suffer from anxiety, reading this list might help you gain a better understanding of anxiety. And if you are an anxious person, it will definitely help you comprehend better the full effects of this modern epidemic.

1. Decline invites to go out even though you want to say yes

It’s difficult for those who’ve never dealt with anxiety to understand, but anxious people often cannot make themselves be social, even though they really want to go out. This is due to the fact that anxiety fills up their whole body to the point where it becomes so debilitating that they feel as if they lack the energy to go out.

In this case, they don’t want to make the experience any less fun for everyone, else so they cancel the invitation.

2. Obsess over minor, trivial things others don’t notice

A simple word or unintended glance from someone is enough to get anxious people to start analyzing the situation. Did they say something wrong? Or did someone say something negative about them? The truth is they obsess over everything that has happened recently or any time ago. This may be anything from a conversation they had or the fact that a person hasn’t texted them yet, or just that some stranger looked at them weirdly.

3. Go to bed late, wake up early in the morning

One of the biggest issues for these people is sleeping. Because they’re constantly thinking about things all morning, afternoon and evening, they find it hard to go to bed on time. When morning comes, their anxiety is triggered yet again and starts ringing several alarms to get things going – even if they’re tired.

4. Imagine worst-case scenarios

Individuals who suffer from anxiety can’t help but imagine all the ways a situation could go wrong, regardless of how positive it is. For instance, if they’re supposed to go on a date, they’re convinced that something will go terribly wrong. Or if they get sick, they always believe they have symptoms of the worst disease imaginable. It’s like their mind tricks them into believing nothing can go right.

5. Analyse every conversation

Even if the conversation is going well with someone, they always replay the conversation in their head, thinking they might have said something wrong. This might take up a lot of time and energy, as they find countless mistakes every day. This is why they should remind themselves that anxiety is making them do this, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with what they’ve said.

6. Other people’s concerns worry you even more

If someone notices they’re not alright and shows concern, their anxiety grows even more. They think everybody will start noticing it, which means there has to be more to it than they thought.

7. Assume blame if someone doesn’t reply right away

When communicating with people, whether a partner, friend or relative, if they don’t reply immediately, anxious individuals might think it’s their fault. However, in this kind of situations, it’s better to stop and consider they might be in the middle of something that requires their full attention, or they’re simply bad at communicating.

8. Afraid of the future

Even though most people look forward to the future and make plans, an anxious person’s worst nightmare is thinking about the future. It makes them frustrated and intimidated. If living in the present is so hard, people who feel strong anxiety don’t even want to imagine feeling this way in the future. Thus, they retreat and hide from the thought of it.

9. Always compare success to others

For people who go through an anxiety disorder, it seems as though all their peers are more successful than them in life and as human beings in general. They’re not jealous because their friends have managed to succeed, but worried if they’re ever going to achieve the same success.

10. Obsess too much over every mistake

We all know no human being is perfect, but this is something individuals with anxiety simply cannot accept. Their worst-case scenario is making a mistake at work. The thoughts afterward will consume them and are extremely difficult to handle. Even if you strive to be perfect at everything you do, mistakes are bound to occur. It’s just natural. Sadly, your anxiety doesn’t know that, which is why it becomes your worst enemy.

11. Too mentally exhausted to get out of bed

Anxiety consumes most of your mental and physical energy. That’s why people suffering from anxiety sometimes cannot function properly and just want to lay in bed, drowning in their sheets. This comes as a result of overwhelming experiences due to anxiety.